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Captain Bartholomew Nox

Bartholomew Nox
Archetype Psyker
Age: 54
Born: 823 M41
Faction: Imperium
Affiliation: Imperial Guard
Imperial Navy
Group: Traherne Dynasty
Player: Gordon McDonald


A former Chartist Captain that now operates beyond the line as a pirate using Xenos technology and his Primaris Psyker powers to prey on the enemies of the imperium.


Born on the planet of Krypte to a middle ranking pair of Citi-Zens. Nox was destined for a life of low ranked corporate servitude far from the luxury of the executive nobility. Unfortunately, Bartholomew had an uncanny talent for discerning the hidden meanings behind what people said to him. An ability that was suspiciously accurate.

Realising they were raising a witch long before anyone outside the family had noticed. Bartholomew’s parents hatched a plan to get him to a planet due for a Black Ship visit before InSec noticed him and the whole family was never heard from again. Fortunately Fold was already starting to collect their Tithe for the Black Ship that was due to visit soon. Securing passage to Fold placed the family heavily into debt to NovaCorp and seriously impacted their status on Krypte. But, they thought it worth the price as there are only two good witches; a dead one or one that serves the Emperor. It was a slim chance, but it was the only hope they had.

Nox does not talk of the tests on Terra, nor his training at the Scholastica Psykana.

He was next heard off when he was assigned to the Etihad 137th Fast Attack Regiment just before the conquest of Hydra II where he served under Commissar Tomas Rexuz for the duration of his first term of Imperial Guard service.

After another long period of review at the Scholastica Psykana Nox was promoted to the position of Primaris Psyker and assigned to the Imperal Navy scout ship Milady De Winter under Captain Anphelion. Milady De Winter was ordered to relocate to the The Ruhrort Sector and assist in the crusade and saw heavy duty on unofficial diplomatic missions negotiating safe passage with local Xenos for the Eberstark fleet. Nox's psychic talents were invaluable in these missions and Nox soon rose to be a trusted advisor to Captain Anphelion. Commissar Tomas Rexuz also served aboard Milady De Winter during this period.

The crusade was good to Nox and he received a share of numerous bounties for ships captured during the crusade thanks to the reconnaissance information the ship and crew were able to offer. When Captain Anphelion chose to retire at the end of the crusade and buy the Milady De Winter, Nox also bought out the remainder of his service terms and stepped into the role of 1st officer.

With the safety of the sector still far from guaranteed Captain Anphelion took on jobs ferrying high value packages and passengers around the sector. Milady’s main customer was the banking vaults of NovaCorp and they maintained a working relationship for a number of years.

Twelve years ago Anphelion retired and passed the ship to his trusted 1st Officer. Although, things continued with no problems for a year or so, rumours started to circulate of Captain Nox having been tempted by the ruinous powers and was using his powers to the detriment of the Imperium. There was no publicly recorded investigation by the Ordo Hereticus. But, many considered Nox’s guilt clear when he disappeared during a trip to Krypte along with the very valuable cargo he was transporting. Although, it is unknown whether the cargo belonged to NovaCorp or was destined for the vaults.

The ship is now known to have taken up piracy beyond the line using some rare xenos technology that many suppose was the missing cargo. Captain Nox still feeds back reconnaissance data and useful information to friends on the imperial side of the line and is suspected to have numerous friends and contacts that supply information in return.


  • "Perhaps needs to learn how to balance the energies of the warp better, still it's always useful to have another Seer around, gets tiring otherwise." - Lady Mercutio Raina
  • "Provided useful information when required. Sanctioned. No cause for further attention at this time, which is more than can be said for many." - Aleph Rho
  • "Mental note, re-evaluate minimum safe distance guidelines." - Winter
  • "Cheapskate, turns up at a posh party and not even willing to spring the price for a pict." - Shane
  • "I heard his voice, screaming in my head to get up. I think, at some point, we will need to have a conversation outside of my head about boundaries." - Hypatia
  • "I would recommend the gentleman if you are looking to get something acquired or moved without too many questions being asked." - Cesare Mortimer
  • "" fought beside him in the Guard a number of times. I had never seen a Primus with the brass ones to ask a Commissar for a swig of his liquor ration before him.""- 'Doc' Tomsin Mkoy

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