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Hars Borras

Hars Borras "Fabricator"
Hars Borras
Archetype Tech Priest
Age: 315
Born: 562 M41
Faction: Imperium
Affiliation: Cult Mechanicus
Hastreme Dynasty
Iron Star Consortium
Group: Hastreme Dynasty
Player: Paul King


A mysterious character more often than not enshrouded in the ceremonial red robes of the Cult Mechanicus. The Fabricator is rarely seem without a rebreather unit, making use of it extensively. What flesh the Fabricators garb fails to hide is a patchwork of pale skin and red sores, radiation burns long healed.


Born on the irradiated wasteland of Eridax Tertius, known more formally by its Mechanicus designation STE:MX, and by its lower cast populace as Stemex.

Historically Stemex had been a verdant green orb fabled to host life with variety to rival the fabled youth of Holy Mars or Terra. With the expansion of the Eridax Star Stemex had succumbed to irreversible radiation poisoning as the atmosphere failed to shield the worst of the great stars emissions. Nothing on the surface of Stemex could hide from blistering sun.

The majority of the populace live below the surface of Stemex, the richest of them living deeper below, further from the taint of the stars light. The irradiation has made Stenex a bountiful world for the Brotherhood of Mars, who harvest the upper layers of the irradiated minerals, harvesting rare isotopes from the rocks.

Born to the upper artisan class, the Borras Clan would be considered rich and privileged in comparison to the techserfs, labourbeasts, slaveflesh and innumerable number of servitors that made up the bulk of the populace. Still a nonentity in comparison to the mighty Engineseers and their miraculous masters, Techlord Master Magi of the Martian Brotherhood; the Cult Mechanicus.

Young Borras was initially graded as Draftsman grade beta-12, with probable potential of promotion. Though relatively well off, the Borras Clan still suffered from the radiation sickness endemic to life on Stemex and Hars was no exception. At the age of 25 he was gifted his first cybernetic and vat-grown replacements as a reward for his impressive work and dedication. By 36 he was afforded the rank of Enginseer by Magos Arkasas Varrk and allowed to begin his training to enter the Cult Mechanicus proper.

By 41 Hars Borras was a predigious engineer and had surpassed the expectations of his initial grading all of those years ago. His augmentations and self administered upgrades had been deemed both appropriate and impressive and Tech Priest Hars Borras was anointed and sworn to the Brotherhoods most revered and sacred oaths and practices.

His work took him from the Eridax system following one Explorator Magos Matinzi where Hars learned a great deal about exploration and discovered that he had more than a passing interest in travel into the unknown.

At the untimely death of Magos Matinzi in a disaster known in records as the Treimus Gambit, Borras, still then a young man of 65, found himself as the highest ranking Mechanicus aboard the vessel and successfully led the ship back to the Valarax system with the remains of Explorator Matinzi. Later that decade and in no small amount owing to that action Borras was anointed to the rank of Magos and served at the tech forges of Valarax IV for a following 123 years, during this time he often acted as an envoy for the Cult of Mars when such was necessary.

At the still meagre age of 188 Hars Borras was anointed as Magos Superior and given the control of the modest mineral worlds of the Eridax system, and he came full circle to the seat of his family clan. During the next 50 years Borras supervised the construction of the Mechanicus orbital shipyards at STE:MXII, and upon their completion he was appointed Fabricator of the system, his seat of power the great Shipyard itself.

From that moment until the present the STE:MXII shipyard has serviced vessels from all across the Ruhort sector and further beyond, it is a known landmark in the area for Ships Captains and other spacefarers.

In the past decade Borras came into contact with Captain Gul Avonis Hastreme, Rogue Trader and Captain of the Scourge of Malice, word is that they met when the Malice required essential repairs and the Fabricator and Captain immediately found common ground in their similar choice of heated beverages and fine foods. Since then the Fabricator has taken to extended voyages alongside the crew of the Scourge of Malice and has become the representative of the Cult Mechanicus in the Iron Star Consortium.

In 866 Guild Engineer Axelle Krauss was transferred to Borras' oversight.

In the year 872 Fabricator Borras came to own the former trader ship the "Star of Magen" on behalf of the Adeptus Mechanicus, following from the Council of Arkangel.

In the Manufactorum


  • "I have often found some of the Mechanicus difficult people to get on with in the past, their reliance on logic and often almost inhuman ways of thinking goes very against my own abilities and view of the universe. How then the Fabricator and I have become good friends is almost a mystery to me, but he is an excellent man and I have found myself more than willing to put myself in harm's way to help him." - Raina Vishaya
  • "The Fabricator reminded me once, that the Mechanicus deletes nothing. In turn I reminded him that there are days where we all rue this fact." - Ambrose Cordell Tollman
  • "The Fabricator is one of the few that I let work on my guns. I think that says all I need to"" - Lord Aurelius Hark
  • "Fabricator Borras is one of the few people I have come to trust while travelling with the Iron Star Consortium. Steadfast in purpose and resolute in mind, I could wish for nothing more in a friend." - Justus Aurelius Corvinus
  • "He is truly amazing. I'm honoured to know him." - Pippan "Pip" D'Emma
  • "No better bloke to light a barbie." - Shane
  • "There's a certain amount of dehumanisation that comes with being a Fabricator. All of that negated by the cup of tea in his... hand." - Jaxx
  • "I suspect he wouldn't appreciate being thought of as a good man. Well, tough." - Winter
  • "The Fabricator is deeply concerned with the moral welfare of his fellow citizens, this is a rare and pleasing quality I find.'" - Ambrose Cordell Tollman
  • "A friend, and more than worth the cost." - Regis Colbrand

OOC Information

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