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LARP or Live-Action Role Playing is what some people like to call "Let's pretend for adults". Others prefer to call it "interactive freeform immersive theatre".

There are different types of LARP:

  • Indoor LARPs happen indoors, usually in the back room of a pub or other function room.
  • Field LARPs happen outdoors, usually in a field, forest or other area where there is plenty of space to move around.
  • Non-contact LARPs use rules to adjudicate combat and have strict policies about not striking players directly.
  • Contact LARPs involve simulating combat through the use of suitable weapon props.

No Rest For The Wicked is a Contact Field LARP, with some indoor events. We use foam-latex weaponry for close combat and customised Nerf guns for ranged combat. What this means is that when the Orks show up, you get to chase them around a field firing wildly and hitting them with your foam sword. Or maybe they'll be the ones doing the chasing...

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