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Milady De Winter

Milady De Winter
Viper-class Sloop
Faction: Imperial leanings
Affiliation: Independent
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Crew Information

Captain: Captain Bartholomew Nox

The crew of the Milady De Winter is made up of Radicals and Xenophiles that enjoy the freedom offered by life beyond the line. Many have made mistakes they are attempting to atone for and would need to answer some pointed questions if the wished to return to the life of the upstanding imperial citizens. But, Captain Nox runs a tight ship so cheats and cutthroats rarely last long aboard.

Please contact Mindwanders (Gordon McDonald) if you are interested in bringing in a character that is a member of the Milady De Winter crew or linking your background in.

Vessel Information

This rogue Viper class sloop has operated beyond the line for over a decade, developing a reputation for carefully orchestrated pirate raids against the Archenemy and hostile Xenos races. These strikes are aided by stolen alien stealth technology installed aboard the ship along with the potent augries and telepathic probes favoured by her sanctioned psyker captain.

Although Captain Bartholomew Nox has been willing to trade with Rogue Traders with Thrones to spend or imperial parts and supplies, she has not crossed the line back into imperial space since she went rogue. In truth, the unlicensed alien technology aboard the ship would likely see her quickly impounded by the Ordo Xenos unless she obtained the protection of a Rogue Trader or Inquisitor.

Vessel History

[Some of this is public, some of it can be found out with the right influences. I leave what your character knows to your own judgement]

Constructed at the foundries of Kar Duniash and named after an ancient Terran noblewoman who apparently assisted the Ecclesiarchy. She saw loyal service as a scout ship in the eastern edges of the Ultima Segmentum for over a hundred years.

Soon she was transferred to the eastern fringe where she was often employed by naval high command to confirm reports sent back by Rogue Traders and Explorators. She was also requisitioned on occasion as high speed transport for diplomats and dignitaries looking to capitalise on their work. This brought her into numerous tentative contacts with non hostile xenos species.

With the end of the invasion, her Captain was retired and Captain Anphelion assigned with orders to bring her to the The Ruhrort Sector and assist in the crusade. She saw heavy duty on unofficial diplomatic missions negotiating safe passage with local Xenos for the Eberstark fleet. Commissar Tomas Rexuz and future Captain Bartholomew Nox bothe served aboard the Milady De Winter during this period.

The crusade was good to Anphelion and he received a share of numerous bounties for ships captured during the crusade allowing him to retire and buy the The Milady De Winter from the navy.

With the safety of the sector still far from guaranteed he took on jobs ferrying high value packages and passengers around the sector. Milady’s main customer was the banking vaults of NovaCorp and they maintained a working relationship for a number of years.

Twelve years ago Anphelion retired and passed the ship to his trusted Primaris Psyker Bartholomew Nox, a Krypte native that had been asigned to the ship during the crusade. Although, things continued with no problems for a year or so, rumours started to circulate of Captain Nox having been tempted by the ruinous powers and was using his powers to the detriment of the Imperium.

There was no publicly recorded investigation by the Ordo Hereticus. But, many considered Nox’s guilt clear when he disappeared during a trip to Krypte along with the very valuable cargo he was transporting. Although, it is unknown whether the cargo belonged to NovaCorp or was destined for the vaults.

The ship is now known to have taken up piracy beyond the line using some rare xenos technology that many suppose was the missing cargo.