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Ruhrort Sector

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The Ruhrort Sector is on the Eastern Fringe of the Imperium. Right on the edge of Imperial space, it faces the Tau, Eldar, Orks and Tyranid threats, but has been reclaimed in the name of the God-Emperor. The sector is divided into three parts, most notably those behind and beyond the Line. The Line is the demarcation of strict Imperial authority. Beyond the Line one can not rely on finding an Arbiter on every street corner and the protective presence of Battlefleet Ruhrort and the Imperial Guard is often a cold and distant comfort; beyond the Line, the Rogue Traders are kings.

The third part of the Sector is that which lies in the Near Wilds, a region of unknown extent, known to be home to human worlds once, but unexplored since the Dark Age of Technology. The worlds in this region were either abandoned to an uncertani fate, or outright lost to the Archenemy or xenos in the decades leading up to the Ruhrort Crusade, a massive military campaign to retake the sector from wyches, daemons, heretics and xenos. As the Line creeps forward year by year, drawing the petty kingdoms of the Rogues into the Imperial fold, so the Lord-Captains press out into the Near Wilds in search of new worlds to claim.

The Ruhrort Sector is currently divided into eight subsectors: Subsectors Coriolis, Excoelis and Elysium lie entirely behind the Line; The Forge Marches, the Valerian Subsector, the Varyagan Heptarchy and the Heran Expanse straddle the Line, with some systems beyond and others behind. Subsector Extremis lies entirely beyond the Line, extending into the Near Wilds.


Home to the current Sector Capital and thus the notional heart of Ruhrort, Coriolis is a civilised subsector located well behind the Line and entirely within the remit of Imperial authority. It is also home to more than a quarter of Battlefleet Ruhrort's primary fleet bases.

The Worlds of Subsector Coriolis

Korsaren Meer

Once the personal domain of a rogue trader in the early days of the Ruhr expanse, the Meer has now been subsumed by the Imperium proper and is part of the Coriolis subsector but retains its name and legends.


The jewel of the Ruhrort Sector, Excoelis rivals Coriolis for political power, and is the second of the three wholly-Imperial subsectors.

The Worlds of Subsector Excoelis

The Forge Marches of Valarax

Stronghold of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Forge Marches are a challenge to the expansion of Imperial power, straddling the Line with the might of Mars. Most, but by no means all, of the sector's great forge worlds are located in this subsector.

The Worlds of The Forge Marches

The Subsector Talion

Like the Forge Marches in the north and Varyaga to the south, the Valerian subsector straddles the Line. Many Rogue Traders use its worlds as a base of operations for exploring the Wilderness.

The Worlds of Subsector Talion

The Varyagan Heptarchy

The Heptarchy was once a federation of seven independent systems. Although much reduced, converted to the Imperial Creed, and with four of the seven firmly behind the Line, it remains a troublesome region for the Sector Governor.

The warp storms that once split the Heptarchy, though, are receding. Worlds once lost have been seen the tread of the Heroes of the Iron Star Consortium, and await reintegration. Though they fell under the rule of the kings of old, they are not currently considered legally part of the Sub-Sector by the Administratum.

The Worlds of the Varyagan Heptarchy

The Lost Worlds of the Varyagan Heptarchy

These worlds have been lost to the Imperium through time, the vagaries of the warp, and the machinations of xenos, and are yet to be reclaimed.

The Heran Expanse

The largest, and emptiest, of the established subsectors contains no more than the usual number of systems, but spread over twice the area of the Varyagan Heptarchy to its North. Much of the subsector is abandoned or unoccupied, and it currently has no established capital or sitting governor. The Heran Expanse is largely Beyond the Line.

The Worlds of the Heran Expanse


The current extent of the Ruhrort Sector is Subsector Extremis, a cluster of Imperial worlds hanging on the edge of the Eastern Rim. It has little effective governance, lying as it does entirely Beyond the Line.

The Worlds of Subsector Extremis

Elsewhere in the Ruhrort Sector

These places either cannot be pinned down to a specific place or are so far from the Line as to be beyond even the reach of Subsector Extremis.

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History of the Ruhrort Sector

After the Age of Strife, the Ruhrort Sector was reconquered for the Imperium of Mankind in M31 by the 3,902nd Expeditionary Force under the command of Lord-Captain Azrael Simeon. The 3,902nd landed on the planet Yukesh and, according to various accounts, held off an Ork onslaught for between two months and an entire year, before being relieved by a company of the XIII Legion of Space Marines. The few surviving sources, including the diary of staff lieutenant Fabian Marekis, recounts the presentation of a banner by the Marines' Captain to Lord-Captain Simeon, although there is some question of whether this was a true presentation or whether the Marines merely left the banner for some other reason.

In the millennia since the first reconquest of the Ruhrort Sector, the region has fallen victim to internal strife and external foes. Harrassed by Eldar raiders, Orks, the forces of the Archenemy, and more recently the mealy-mouthed upstarts of the Tau Empire, more than half of the system was either lost or cut off from the larger Imperium for much of the time between the Fall of Sezuo in 675 M38 and the beginning of the Ruhrort Crusade in 836 M41.

More detailed information on events recent and historic may be found on the Timeline page.

The Third Ruhrort Crusade

With so much of the sector lost, Lord-Militant Achen and Admiral Gabriel Eberstark of the Imperial Navy led an audacious mission to retake the Sector with the surviving military assets of Battlefleet Ruhrort and the Sector's Imperial Guard regiments.

Legends of the Ruhrort Sector

Planets of the Ruhrort Sector