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The timeline is as yet incomplete, and the STs welcome the addition of player-led events of importance to the Ruhrort Sector and the Iron Star Consortium Please remember that any submissions are subject to editing; revision or excision. The events of the game proper begin under An Iron Star Rises

A true and accurate summary of the history of the Ruhrort Sector and its preceding Rhur Expanse, as compiled by the Remembrancers of the Most Noble House Gredenko, at the behest and commission of the Honourable Lord Magister Hyronimo Shen-Gradenko. This work providing both particular explication of the actions of the Iron Star Consortium and their associated explorers, and a summary of wider history for the provision of context.

The Age of Terra

  • Circa M1 through M15
    • Human civilisation arrises on Holy Terra, known to antiquity as "Earth".
    • By the end of this era, humanity had colonised the Terran system, and begun to reach for the distant stars in sublight ships.

The Dark Age of Technology

  • Circa M15 through M25
    • Human technological and scientific achievement reached its apex in this era, also known as the Golden Age of Technology among the Adeptus Mechanicus. However, the human spirit was sacrificed to the altar of soulless technology. Thus were the seeds of destruction sewn.
    • The creation of Navigators and warp travel allowed humanity to expand across the galaxy.
    • During this period the Standard Template Construct allowed humanity to achieve a level of technology unparalleled in the modern era, and the greatest artisans forged the technological miracles that survive to today as Archaeotech.
    • The Iron Men were created in this age, works of Silica Animus and Abominable Intelligence (or "AI"), these soulless constructs were of formidable frame and inhuman intellect, and were utilised by the unwise in place of honest human toil.

The Empire of the Iron Star

  • Circa M20 through M26 (estimated)
    • The Empire of the Iron Star is conclusively placed within this time period, but more precise details of the timescale are unknown. What is known is that a technologically advanced empire within what would become the Ruhrort Expanse spread across several star systems (generally numbered at a dozen, but theories range from the high single digits to the low hundreds).
    • Their name is derived from the incident which brought their empire low, as all empires not guided by the Divine Will of the God-Emperor are inevitably ended. In this case it was the death of their capital system's star, which scoured their core worlds. When the survivors from other worlds reclaimed what was once their capital system, the dull glow of the "Iron Star" gave the currently known name to their civilisation.

The Age of Strife

  • Circa M25 through M30
    • Also known as the Old Night, the breakdown of the human empire of the Dark Age of Technology is generally attributed to one or more of the Iron Men uprising; the vastly increased prevalence of psykers; moral degeneracy or the gathering of warp storms.
    • Terra itself is broken into feuding states lead by genarchs and warlords, and the forefathers of the Adeptus Mechanicus begin among the tech-cults of Mars.

The Great Crusade

  • Circa 798.M30 - 005.M31
    • The God-Emperor of Mankind arises on Terra, uniting the warring nations under his divine rule.
    • By the Emperor's Divine Will, the warp storms which had cut off so much of the galaxy subside. the Astronomican is constructed and the Navis Nobilite are formed to carry the Crusade to the farthest corners of the galaxy.
    • The Space Marine Legions are formed, the superhuman Primarchs at their head. They lead the armies and fleets of humanity across the galaxy, conquering a million worlds in the name of the God-Emperor.

The Horus Heresy

  • Circa 005.M31 - 014.M31
    • The Traitor Horus, once the most favoured of the Primarchs and a leader of the Great Crusade, casts aside all bonds of fealty and brotherhood to set himself against the God-Emperor. Thus are we reminded that even the greatest amongst us may fall to heresy be they not strong of heart.
    • Though humanity is bloodied, and many of those thought amongst its greatest heroes fall to the dominion of the Fell Powers, humanity is saved by the sacrifice of the God-Emperor, who ascends to the Golden Throne of Terra.

The Age of Rebirth

  • Circa M31 through M32
    • Throughout this era, by the will of the Immortal God-Emperor upon His Ascension to the Golden Throne of Earth, the institutions of the Imperium that we know and serve today take place. The last of the heretics who had ravaged the galaxy are swept away, and measures are put in place to ensure that foul heresy, though a threat that to this day requires constant vigilance to prevent local-scale disaster, may never again threaten the Imperium as a whole.

The Forging

  • Circa M33 through M34
    • Known by many as the Golden Age of the Imperium, here a united humanity drives back the darkness from the galaxy and establishes unquestioning dominance on the core worlds of the Imperium. The discovery of many of the secrets of the Dark Age of Technology, now in the learned and responsible custodianship of the Adeptus Mechanicus, allows secrets once thought impossible to replicate to drive the engines of Imperial war and industry.

The First Ruhrort Crusade

  • Most learned scholars place the "First Ruhrort Crusade" (known contemporaneously as simply the Ruhrort Crusade, or else as the Ruhrort Expansion) during this era, though there are some who would dispute this and who maintain that this first crusade was a single aspect of the earlier Great Crusade.

The Nova Terra Interregnum

  • Circa 100.M41
    • The Ur-Council of Nova Terra secedes from the rule of the Adeptus Terra, their blasphemous act drawing weak-minded rulers across the Segmentum Tempestus to follow in their wake. For centuries, the Imperium is divided, and humanity weakened.

The Cataclysm of Souls

  • Circa 975.M35
    • The Heresiarchs constituting the Ur-Council of Nova Terra are overthrown by a populist uprising, and both the governance of Terra and the Imperial Creed are restored to the Segmentum Tempestus.

The Age of Apostasy

  • Circa M36
    • In an appalling dereliction of duty never to be repeated, many among the Imperial Church look not to the salvation of souls and the fortification of Imperial rule but to their own gross luxury and base greed. The centre of the Ecclesiarchy is first moved from Holy Terra to Blessed Ophelia VII, and then later returns to the homeworld, in a series of unsightly squabbles between those who should be beyond such.

The Reign of Blood

  • 200.M36
    • Goge Vandire, 361st High Lord of the Administratum, ousts Paulis III and takes his place as Ecclesiarch. The galaxy weeps as the Reign of Blood begins.
  • 238.M36
    • The birth of the Blessed Saint Sebastian Thor of Dimmamar.
  • 268.M36 to 270.M36
    • Goge Vandire is assassinated and his corrupt regime overthrown. Sebastian Thor is acclaimed as Ecclesiarch, to journey the galaxy for eighty years ministering to the faithful and quelling heresy and apostasy.

The Modanan Ascendancy

  • 4001338.M36 to 4990438.M36
    • The despised Arch-Cardinal Modanus declares himself "Ascended Arch-Theocrat" and "Returned Voice of the Emperor" in the wake of news from distant Terra that the renegade High Lord Vandire has been executed. Gathering those loyal to the "Temple of the Saviour Emperor" around him, he rules from Schatternberg by the might of the Fraeteris Templars and by the compliance a of bewitched nobility. He is slain on the eve of his centenary, the Order of the Valorous Heart leading the final assault on his heretical temple.

The Age of Redemption

Waaagh! Zagkop / Operation Stormbreak

  • 426.M37 to 452.M37
    • The powerful Ork psyker "Weirdlord Zagkop Wurrsnik" leads a slavering horde of warp-drenched greenskins, deemed lunatics even by the standards of their degenerate race, across the sector by means of the Space Hulk Omen of Desecration (deemed as "Stashulk Og Eadbangskraga" by its denizens). The effort to bring these scum to justice, dubbed Operation Stormbreak by Sector Command, becomes notorious for its ineffectuality. The depredations of these lunatics begins abruptly and continues without any discernable plan for decades, before halting inexplicably decades later. At the time, the generally accepted conclusion is that their crude warp-magics have led them to fall prey to some terrible fate while they journeyed through the immaterium.

The Second Ruhrort Crusade

  • 0001243.M38 (Grant of Crusade) to 3987301.M38 (cessation of hostilities)
  • One of the popular Commander Militant of the Imperial Guard Jeska Harridan's "Fringe Crusades". Thirteen were declared, an auspicious number, to bring Sectors of the Eastern Fringe whose governance had slackened back under full Imperial authority. Though touted as great successes and much lauded amongst the Terran court, they were dogged by lack of support from central command.
    • Circa 250.M38 - The Martyrdom of Saint Kylie of Arboria, Santa Clavabellum Patria, during the Polgaran Campaign.
      • Kylie was beatified in 308.M38 and canonised in 978.M38.

The Ruhrort Collapse

  • Circa 400.M38 to 675.M38
    • Exhausted from the Second Ruhrort Crusade, Imperial authorities are content to let the xenos and the infidel alone, focusing instead on rebuilding their own realms. This proves a fatal mistake, as without regular suppression efforts opposition grows and festers in the shadowed voids and on forsaken worlds.
  • 675.M38 - The Fall of Sezuo
    • With the collapse of central governance, the Ruhrort Sector effectively ceases to exist as a polity. The name "Rhur Expanse", once thought consigned to deepest antiquity, again becomes common currency.

The Age of Rededication

The Third Ruhrort Crusade

  • 836.M41 - Declaration of Crusade
    • The situation in the Ruhr Expanse having become intolerable, the writ of the High Lords is sought and granted for a Third Ruhrort Crusade (generally known simply as "The Crusade" locally).
  • 859.M41 - The Reclamation of Schatternberg
    • With the downfall of Archon Veris and the reclamation of Hive Primus, Schatternberg is declared reconquered. Lord Militant Achen is given dominion over the newly reconstituted Sector as Lord-Governor by the will of the High Lords of Terra, while his fleet commander Admiral Eberstark is granted a Rogue Trader Warrant and authority to operate beyond the Line of Imperial Control.

An Iron Star Rises





  • 9102874.M41 The enigmatic Eldar invite representatives and associates of the Iron Star Consortium to their "Saturnalia".
  • 5476874M41 - Expedition to Xanadu
  • 5989874M41 - Harmonic Convergence in the Dalfon System



  • 9034876.M41 - The Heptarchy Expedition