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Weapon Rules

Foam-Latex Weapons

Minimum Foam Thickness

All foam-latex weapons require a minimum foam thickness of 12mm on the striking edge and a minimum thickness of 6mm around the core. The minimum foam thickness on the tip (end of core to edge of foam) is 24mm.

Stab-safe weapons will have different requirements.

Thrown Weapons

Thrown weapons should have no part small enough to enter an eye socket.

Thrown weapons should not have a hard core of any kind.

Bows & Arrows

Only arrows made by professionals will be allowed to be used.

Bow proficiency tests will be required before bows are used in combat.

Maximum pull on a bow is 30lbs.

Claws and Other Hand Weapons

Claws and other hand-covering weapons will need to be checked for suitability before use. The rules for them will be stricter than those for standard melee weapons.

A proficiency test will be needed in order to be allowed to use such weapons in combat.

Nerf Guns

As a rule, we prefer Nerf guns to other similar weapons. This is to enhance compatibility and allow us to better ration ammo, etc. Nerf dart compatible weaponry should be fine.


As a general rule, we would like all players to customise their weapons to bring them more in line with the setting. Bright yellow guns are not very fitting with the 40k setting.

As we recognise that some players will be reticent about painting their weapons for something they may only play once, we will allow new players to attend their first game with unpainted guns. After that game, we expect weapons to be recoloured to aid the immersion into the setting of both yourself and other players.

See also: Nerf Customisation Tips


Rules to follow after.


We ask that players leave any restrictors on their guns in place.

Useful Links

Skian Mhor
Supplier of foam-latex and Nerf weaponry suitable for a 40k setting.
Canadian supplier/manufacturer of injection-moulded LARP weaponry of excellent quality.