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Alexander Winter Alexander "Lex"
Archetype Scout
Age: 46
Born: 831 M41
Faction: Imperium
Affiliation: Imperial Guard
House Alexander
Group: Traherne Dynasty
Player: Mark Fairbrother
Success is measured in blood; yours or your enemy's.

A man, struggling to reconcile the shadow of the past with finding his place in his future, fights for causes he deems worthy while making connections along the way that help him discover just how far he is willing to go for what's important to him - as well as figuring out what actually is important to him.

Winter's Tale, or A Story of a Remorseless Convict

Winter is a penal-legion Imperial Guardsman who survived battle after battle, year after year, atrocity after atrocity, and was sought out by Lord-Captain Siegfried Colbrand who approached the Guard looking to purchase the services of a scout & security-systems expert, preferably one who'd seen a bit of combat. He has fought on the front line, alongside Storm Troopers on special ops including Calder "Cal" Traherne and saved each other's lives, has fought heretics/Eldar/Tau/Tyranids and even once on a protracted campaign took down a Daemonette that was about to kill an Eldar civilian with a precision long-range sniper-shot (an act that earned him his Shuriken Catapult & Pistol, as well as a little hospitality & congenial company before his "compatriots" found her and murdered her, he kept the weapons as "loot" but carries them for performance & sentimental value). He doesn't remember the kill, for obvious reasons.

Winter was a thorn in the side of the Penal Legion Commander at the time, because it was traditional that someone who had survived the kinds of missions that Winter had should be freed as having paid their penance - however there was a standing order from the Governor of Seraph that Winter should never be freed from service/imprisonment, and as such he was bad for prisoner morale. Commander Sharak saw an opportunity to rid himself of Winter by selling his service to the newly-minted Trader, and did so on the understanding that Winter was an unforgiven criminal not to be trusted to be free of the explosive collar under any circumstances, as well as a sizable fee.

As to his life before his imprisonment, getting Winter to speak of it has thus proven fruitless - although, change is in the wind and Winter was observed on Peravis conversing with Planetary Governor Alexis Alexander of Seraph...

Winter also keeps a journal of notable events that have happened to him, of late. Currently, this includes the events of 871 M41, labelled somewhat humorously as "In For a Throne".


  • 2 299 831 M41: Winter is born.
  • ...
  • 847 M41: Winter is found guilty of all charges, sentenced to penal service in the Imperial Guard instead of execution.
  • 848 M41:
  • 849 M41: Winter fights heretics in the Ruhrort Sector.
    It is better to die for the Emperor than to live for yourself.
  • 850 M41:
  • 852 M41:
  • 854 M41:
  • 855 M41: Winter fights with Storm Troopers against a rebel uprising in the Ruhrort Sector.
  • 856 M41:
  • 857 M41: Winter fights heretics in the Ruhrort Sector. There is a small Eldar settlement nearby, destroyed in the conflict. Winter is involved in an incident of disorderly conduct including rape & pillage of the settlement, and two pieces of xeno technology are registered to his ID as trophies.
  • 858 M41:
  • 859 M41: Newly-minted Rogue Trader Colbrand begins searching to hire someone skilled in security, intrusion, and with combat-experience. The Commander of the Ruhrort Sector's penal legion hears about this enquiry through mercenary channels, and offers to sell the services of a suitable convict. Winter thus enters Colbrand's service.
  • 860 M41:
  • 861 M41:
  • 862 M41:
  • 863 M41:
  • 864 M41:
  • 865 M41:
  • 866 M41:
  • 867 M41:
  • 868 M41:
  • 869 M41:
  • 870 M41:
  • 549 871 M41: In For a Throne (e1). Lord-Captain Siegfried Colbrand KIA, his Warrant of Trade passes to Regis Colbrand (now Lord-Captain) who also inherits Winter's service. The planet Chandler's Hope is discovered to be the subject of a severe Genestealer infection by Winter, Navigator Primaris d'Emma, & Magos Martis on a mission to the planet investigating it's Astropathic silence which sees the death of some two-hundred of the Price of Freedom's soldiers. Alongside Cal Traherne, Winter also takes part in CENSORED on behalf of the Colbrand Dynasty's ongoing investigations into a relic Imperial banner rumoured to be linked to the God-Emperor himself.
  • 4 214 872 M41: In For a Titan (e2). Winter commences personal relationship with Elisabet Holt of the Tryskellan Dynasty. Colbrand Dynasty and others engage on a purge of the Genestealer infestation on Chandler's Hope in a massive & successful operation.
  • 0 200 873 M41: A Council of Angels (e3). Under the authority of Rogue Trader Lord-Captain Colbrand, Winter's penal-legion explosive-collar is removed. Winter covertly travels to & spends considerable time on Seraph, engaging in CENSORED. Winter takes part on board the Price of Freedom in a fleet-based action at the Maw of Nirr led by Lord-Captain Gabriel Eberstark against forces of the archenemy, during which he joins the forces that boards & captures the enemy space station.
    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.
  • 873 M41: Vox Populi (e4). Elisabet Holt dies on the field of battle on the war-world Esramir. Winter later finds out that he unwittingly watched on as she bled to death, and that the attack only happened due to explosive charges he set. Winter returns to Seraph once more alongside CENSORED to take part in CENSORED.
  • 9 102 874 M41: Fair Met by Midnight (e5). Winter is observed interacting with Eldar of the Harlequin, Exodite, & Corsair groups at the Xenos "Saturnalia" gathering. Winter is also observed handing unconfirmed objects to members of the latter two groups. Nothing else of long-term note takes place at the gathering. Following these events Winter commences personal relationship with Jaxx of the Adeptus Mechanicus, accompanies the Colbrand Dynasty to a Necron Tomb World where violent confrontation happens before a cessation of hostilities ensues, and journeys once again to Seraph to take part in the Inquisition-led purge of substantial & insidious cults of the archenemy & xenos.
  • 5 476 874 M41: Xanadu (e6). Winter travels directly from Seraph to the world of Xanadu and is a part of the efforts there uncovering the history & secrets of the Onyx Empire. Winter is observed frequently working closely with other scouts to significant effect. A private marriage ceremony takes place on board the Mercury Rising in orbit between Winter & Jaxx. Winter takes part in the liberation of Chelm in a lengthy purge of previously-unknown yet incredibly deep & pestilent Archenemy corruption of every level of the planet's infrastructure, alongside the Colbrands & diverse other forces. Winter also takes part (once more alongside the Colbrands & diverse others) in the battle on a planet which will come to be known as Salvation, a planet which ten long millennia after its discovery is finally brought into Imperial compliance and given-over for use by the Black Helms chapter of the Adeptus Astartes who make their base there in a fallen Heresy-era Astartes relic-Battle Barge that belonged to their parent-Legion, the XIIIth.
  • 5 989 874 M41: When Angels Fall (e7). Winter is present at Sub-Sector & Planetary Governor Alexis Alexander's festivites celebrating the rare celestial event known as a "true Harmonic Convergence". He is outed as the convicted felon Alexander Winter Alexander IV who was judged guilty of the murder of his father and two older brothers some two-and-a-half decades hence, placing his sister Alexis Alexander in considerable political turmoil - compounded when she overturns his conviction, announces him as innocent, and evidence supporting this is provided in concert with the Inquisition & the Adeptus Mechanicus. Riots wrack the planet as the populace suddenly lack someone to blame for the murder of Alexander Praxis Alexander I, the previous Governor (Winter's father). Winter moves in with his wife Jaxx on her newly reclaimed home on the Seraphi moon of Azrael, and has yet to take an active part in planetary or sub-sector politics beside being at the centre of a major upheaval. Winter also leaves the service of the Colbrand Rogue Trader Dynasty, and immediately enters the employ of the newly-formed Traherne Dynasty alongside his wife. In the subsequent months, Winter takes part in noteworthy & highly successful military action with and on behalf of the Traherne Dynasty against hostile/uncooperative worlds just across the line, and continues to engage in activity with the Inquisition relating to the ongoing issues on Seraph. Sector-wide bounties are posted by the Adeptus Arbites for his re-arrest relating to his continuing legal status as a convict despite Alexis Alexander's statement to the contrary.
  • 4 098 875 M41: The Footsteps of Giants (e8). Winter travels to Telemanch with the Traherne Dynasty. Many unusual events take place there including the rescue of Lord-Captain Sabine Neu-Shimani, the presence of the Necron xenos race which results in the loss of Executor/Lord-Captain Castellan of the Colbrand Dynasty to one of their prison-devices, & Lady Narayn falls in battle with a local human tribe and was subsequently blessed with renewed life through the divine light and grace of the God-Emperor through his holy servant Hypatia the Lightbearer. Once matters on Telemanch have concluded, Winter turns himself in to Marshal Kincaid of the Adeptus Arbites who subsequently hands Winter over into the custody of Inquisitor Tollman for unspecified duties relating to ongoing investigations into the issues of Seraph. Winter is remarried to Lady Narayn by Missionary Azariah 'Doc' Maccrade in a brief but seemingly happy ceremony as their marriage had legally ended with her death, before leaving soon after in Inquisitor Tollman's custody. Winter spends the following six months outside of any official record, planning & successfully executing a high-level purge for the Inquisition alongside a number of diverse others of a previously hidden cult on Seraph. Seraph's Lord Treasurer Claire Ziegler is reported missing shortly afterward.
    Walk softly - and carry a big gun.
  • 9 586 875 M41: Shiver Our Souls (e9). Winter journeys to The Thief Star on board The Acheron, Inquisitor Tollman's Black Ship, directly following the actions on Seraph and is present for the historic meeting of the Rogue Traders & Pirate Lords of the Ruhrort Sector. While there, the matter of his legal status is resolved as evidence of his innocence is presented to Adeptus Arbites Marshal Kincaid's satisfaction and a sentence of service to the Imperium's Arbites for a time is levied upon him as punishment for breaching Imperial law around the Imperial Penal Legion. Winter becomes, for the first time in many years, a free man, loyal subject of the Imperium, innocent of the murders for which he was convicted... and is now the oldest living legal heir of Alexander Alexander I. Also while there, he takes part in a number of actions against diverse forces of the Archenemy as well as the creatures known as Genestealers who are discovered to infest the space hulk that is used as a meeting place, including the assassination of the sleeping "Genestealer Broodlord" alongside a number of other intrusion experts, and being involved in the defeat of the agent of the Archenemy known as "The Queen of Ravens" after the aid of the collective Pirate Lords was secured. During the subsequent six months, Winter is deployed in action alongside the Traherne Dynasty against archenemy forces known as "The Voice of the Locust" at the asteroid cluster of Vark's Drift in an offensive of mixed success, and in service to the Adeptus Arbites in the enormous & historic Inquisition-led military offensive against the archenemy vessel "Funus Imperatoris" which results in the vessel's total destruction. He is also subjected to an undisclosed medicae procedure performed by the Adeptus Mechanicus, subsequent to this he disppears from all tracking until he is next identified on Varyaga. It is also noted that Winter's personal relationship with Lady Narayn appears to end, although nothing is officially recorded.
  • 9 034 876 M41: Dark Deeds (e10). Winter travels to Varyaga with the Traherne Dynasty to answer a call for aid. Days of fighting against the Xenos race known as the "Dark Eldar" follow, during which time senior Traherne crew members Flint Esperon & Magos Alger Faraj lose their lives. Winter works alongside the Adeptus Arbites to uncover and expose corruption within the Kalheim noble house of Varyaga, which had been collaborating and dealing with the xenos. During the last battle on the surface, several Imperial citizens noted as close associates of Winter are taken by the xenos - Navigator/Explorator Pippan d'Emma, Navigator Io Corophasian, and Lady Narayn. Although hard-fought & with these losses, the battle was an Imperial victory. Following the departure from Varyaga, Winter enters into communications with Inquisitor Corvinus. Winter takes part in immediately-mobilised efforts to rescue those taken alongside the majority of strength that the Iron Star Consortium can muster, and the efforts are successful - albeit at massive cost of resources and life as they are required to pursue those taken into the xenos phenomenon known as "The Webway". The state of the rescued is not recorded.
  • 5 819 876 M41: By Schisms Rent Asunder (e11). While the Traherne Dynasty and the rest of the Iron Star Consortium group travels to the previously-lost Iron Star Empire world of Lhosir, Winter rendezvouses with a Black Ship bound for Terra. He returns to the Ruhrort Sector a few weeks later with no visible branding or other signs of change, however records show that he underwent the rite of soul binding successfully. Upon his return, Winter formally names his personal unit of mercenary Stormtroopers "The Frost Guard" before sending them off on a mission to the Schatternberg Tertius hive city alongside Marshall Kincaid of the sector's Arbites to end the insurgency of the "Nacht Sturm" cult and their explosive threat. Meanwhile, Winter himself takes part in a Traherne operation alongside Navigator Malpraxia Belisarius & Azariah Mccrade to support Valeri "Red" Gambell's psychological recovery from events on Lhosir, before joining Marshall Kincaid personally on Corvus Major alongside a force of notable strength & propensity for subtlety to attack and take down the forces of the archenemy agent "Blame" - records of this action are unavailable beyond being labelled 'successful'. It is observed that Winter & Lady Narayn are to all appearances fully separated, and that there is no divorce on record.
  • 5 093 877 M41: Humans Are Such Easy Prey (e12). Winter travels with the Traherne Dynasty to a planetoid identified only as "LV 7-86" - a location suspected to possibly be the hidden treasure & pleasure world of the deceased Rogue Trader Lord Captain Katchna, and which also broadcasts a distorted automated distress signal...


Nobody is innocent, there are merely varying levels of guilt.

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  • "Yes, a mine went off. In my face. Yes, I should have been more careful. Now, is there a medic free, please??" - Winter
  • "Winter is a good man, that life has treated rather unfairly. I am honoured to have risked my life for him." - Elisabet Holt, deceased
  • "Poor bastards who tried our left flank? Had to try to fight past me and Reapo, and all the while getting shot by Winter hunkered down in the bushes? Heretics didn't know what hit 'em?" - Shane
  • "This simply won't do! I wondered out loud where you were, then turned around and you weren't standing directly behind me! That's plain sloppy, and I expect far better from you!" - the newly minted Lord-Captain berates his armsman...
  • "Mr Winter always appears so solemn, I wonder where all of his feelings are buried." - Hars Borras
  • "He has a much more interesting background than might be expected on first appearance. Otherwise I am not quite sure what to make of him, though he is certainly competent enough at what he does." - Raina Vishaya
  • "He thinks before he kills. He checks if you're alright. He compliments and he teaches. And if you're lucky, he smiles. I've a lot of respect for Winter, and a lot of time for the games that I think will follow now we've worked together properly." - Jaxx
  • " ... Ahhh fuck it." - Winter to Jaxx
  • " Lord Winter's return to his rightful title and position within the nobility of Seraph serves as a distinct warning against judging a soul by their title alone." - Hars Borras
  • "Next time I do him a personal favour and it serves as the basis for an exoneration without anyone talking to me about it beforehand and I may get more than a little upset." - Lady Mercutio Raina
  • "Quiet, reserved, patient. When I look at Winter sometimes I see a reflection. I'm lead to believe that notion intimidates people. I could understand why." - Ghost
  • "Yes, I removed his collar; damn to anyone who says it wasn't my right to do so then, and damn to anyone who says he hasn't continued to earn it since." - Regis Colbrand
  • "I'm starting to think that love is lot more complicated than I first calculated it to be..." Jaxx
  • "I swear, he's so sneaky half our side didn't notice he'd hacked a turret to start popping its own murder servitors." - Azariah 'Doc' Maccrade
  • "You come to know a man through his hopes and fears. I believe we understand each other more now than ever before. " - Justus Aurelius Corvinus
  • "Mr Winter, when you said 'I'm going to distract them' I did not realise that what you meant to say was 'Dexter, I'm going to hide 30 feet directly back from your position and whistle so they walk right into you!'
    'I had every confidence in you, and you killed both of them without a sound.'
    'That is *NOT* the *POINT!*"
    - Mercutio Dexter
  • "I seem to have developed a habit of picking Winter up in unsettling warp rifts. Can't say it is one I ever expected to develop " - Commissar Tomas Rexuz
  • "The galaxy is an unfair, uncaring place. I hope he understands how lucky he is to have found friends who care enough to right old wrongs." - Cesare Mortimer
  • "I rarely see him in the fight, but I know he's there by the buzzing of the rounds his weapon fires" - Lord Aurelius Hark
  • "We are closer now, so much closer to our foe. Time to make an end of this secret work of ours." - Ambrose Cordell Tollman
  • "I only saw him at key moments, and in each occasion he made a difference." - Aleph Rho
  • "I never stopped caring, I doubt I ever will" - Jaxx
  • "Sometimes a dream such as his is just a dream. In my experience though those times are rare." - Avonis Gul Hastreme
  • "I sometimes wonder if he understands what he's done. Sometimes I don't care." - Lucius Tredecimus
  • " If you ever see a bunch of folk being shot to pieces by a harmless looking bush, odds are you'll find out they've done something to annoy Winter in the recent past." - Slice
  • "I agreed to help him. I hope he still let's me, because I want to. I may not feel like they do, but I do understand people, I was ignorant." - Ghost
  • "We share certain specalist skills. We worked together to escape that place and he made the effort to speak kindly to me. That forms a bond of sorts. What it will become, only time will tell." - Isaac Flint
  • "You, Winter, are a very, very bad man." - Victrix Raltus while smiling with humour.
  • "So he's a scout and a seer - you never see him coming, and he sees you coming in several different ways?" - Friedrich Sternenlicht
  • "Kleist died, you lived. Now you have done your duty and a great enemy has been destroyed. For this I thank you. Please do not waste the life you have, given his sacrifice, live well and live long in the Emperors Light. Oh and for Emperor's sake get yourself officially sanctioned as a pskyer if you have not done so yet." - Niklaus Chidike