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Main Page

Welcome to the No Rest For The Wicked wiki.

Here you will find all manner of IC and OOC information to aid you in your continuing new to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations... wait, that's a different universe. On that other hand, it's still quite Rogue Trader.

You'll find information on planets, xenos species, factions and more on here, as well as useful information about character creation, camping supplies, weapon rules and anything else we can think of.

The wiki is a resource for players to be able to share information about their own characters and additions to the setting as well as for us to disseminate material without having to script it into a downtime response or event brief.

IC/OOC Policy

Information on planets, organisations and characters (and other IC matters) are considered to be in character and available to people looking into such things. Quotes, comments and obviously private material that people have elected to publish should be taken as not being known IC unless someone has good reason to (for example, if you've stolen their journal IC), or it is marked as being IC. That said, any information that could be taken as being IC should be marked as OOC if it is not something that should be known IC.

OOC information is obviously OOC.

If you have any queries on whether something is available in character, either contact the relevant player (if there is one) or the storytellers.

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