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Communications Policy

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We will make all announcements on our forum which can be found on our website. We will also endeavour to cross-post important messages to our other communication channels which at present are:

We ask that all players sign up to the forum. Your forum login is used to allow editing access to the general wiki, and will also be used to access the character/downtime system in the future.

We strongly recommend that players join one of our other communication channels as well.

When communicating in character via email, we ask that players CC in astropath@norestforthewicked.org.uk so that we have access to the messages in case of interception. We assume all such messages are encoded by house ciphers and other such codes as a matter of course. Mail sent to that address goes into an unmonitored archive which is only used when messages need to be checked by the storytellers.

When communicating with the storytelling team, please only use the storytellers@norestforthewicked.org.uk except where other circumstances dictate using a different norestforthewicked.org.uk email address as provided by the storytelling team. Communications over social media except where responses come from the official No Rest for the Wicked communications channel are not held to be correct, and storytellers are not required to answer any query directed to them by such means. Social media queries are only deemed to be official answers when backed up with a confirmed email query. In a similar vein, storytellers are entitled to a social life, so if they indicate they do not wish to answer storytelling queries do not ask them further queries.