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Conpulsion 2012 Premise

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The year is 871.M41 and the Ruhrort Sector has been formally pacified for a decade, Rogue Traders, heretics and nobles from across the Eastern Fringe gather here at the edge of the light of the Astronomicon to plunder the resources of the half of the sector that remains unexplored and unoccupied by the Imperium - or to profit from the founding of a new sector in the explored half of the sector.

The voidship Hymn of Tryphon has been beset by a terrible warp storm, tossed and turned by the tides of the warp, she has erupted from the sea of souls far from her original course. Seeking a safe harbour amidst the terrible storm, she has sought shelter in high orbit anchor above the world of Tillich.

The Hymn of Tryphon is captained by the legendary Lord-Captain Gabriel Eberstark who is renowned for his role in conquering the sector as Admiral Eberstark, prior to his disgrace in the court of the sector governor and subsequent discharge from the Imperial Navy. Following his fall from grace he was involved in the heroic defense of several minor words within the disputed zone of the Ruhrort Sector prior to the death of his great uncle Raziel Eberstark and his direct family aboard the flagship of the Eberstark fleet, which lead to Gabriel’s sudden inheritance of the Eberstark Warrant of Trade. Since this he has been involved in a number of expeditions into the unexplored sub-sectors of the Ruhrort Sector. It is rumoured that his most recent expedition is to find the legendary Iron Star.

Tillich is a relatively minor world close to the disputed zone (the pseudo-official line that marks edge of Imperial influence within the sector) with a relatively primitive technological base similar overall to that of twenty first century earth. It’s high orbit docks are understaffed and ill-equipped to deal with the repair of major voidships, while its technological base and workers do not have the knowledge to fully repair the Hymn of Tryphon, let alone any of the other vessels sheltering from the storm that has encompassed local space.

With the warp storm now on the wane, Lord-Captain Eberstark has begun a prolonged campaign to recruit men and materials to resupply his vessel with the aim of setting forth to return to the sector capital with the booty of his latest journey into the unknown reaches of the sector. As the culmination of his time on planet, he has arranged for a re-commissioning ceremony to be held, to which the great and the grand of the planet and the other ships sheltering from the storm have been invited. At this gathering he will display the greatest prizes of his collection for the edification of the gathered worthies.

Rumour running around the fleet and the planet indicates that the Hymn of Tryphon is not as ready for a perilous warp journey as Gabriel might wish. As a consequence, Gabriel seeks finance and backing to fully complete the repairs to his vessel. Unfortunately, having spent the majority of his finances he is placing his collection up for sale to the highest bidder to fund the repair of his vessel.

Gabriel’s Collection

While Gabriel Eberstark would never admit this publicly, his collection of prize trophies is ultimately for sale at this event. The following list of items consists of all the items he has so far boasted about owning and that will be on display at the event:

A mysterious black pyramid stored in a large leather box. Gabriel has not publicly commented on the nature of this item.

A banner displaying the symbol of the lightning bolt and aquila that Gabriel claims came into his possession when he saved the Sector governor’s daughter from being kidnapped by rebel insurgents.

A small brass navigation device that Gabriel claims is a 'void-sextant'. Gabriel claims this was salvaged from a cache of archeotech that he recovered from a dead world in the unknown reaches.

A sphere made from an unknown material that has strange fractures running through it. Gabriel claims he won this in a card game from Lord-Captain Kotch of the Bellerophon.

A large dark blue book which has been locked. Gabriel claims to have recovered this from the ancient libraries of Chelm prior to their destruction during the crusade.

A curiously hideous plant that Gabriel claims is 'a simple pot-plant' he 'received as a gift' from a xenos ambassador in the unknown reaches.

An ancient laspistol that Gabriel was awarded for services rendered in defense of the planet of Kohl.

A scroll of parchment covered with alien runes that Gabriel won after winning the 'Five Star Cup', a race held every five years between the Rogue Traders of the sector.

A glove covered in metal plates with intricate wiring throughout it that was recovered from the ruins of the triumphal palace on Chelm following its reconquest.

A small vial of cloudy blue liquid with some white particles floating within it, Gabriel acquired this item from the corpse of a xenos warrior who he defeated in single combat.

A deed of ownership for the planet Loran IV, dating from 756.M38. This item has been in the possession of the Eberstark Dynasty for at least five hundred years.

A regicide set found on the hulk of the Price of Salvation, the legendary ship that bore Saint Tryphon from the front lines of the Ruhrort crusade. Legend says that Saint Tryphon played many games of regicide with the captain of the Price of Salvation.