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Events Policy

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This document contains all of the out of character (OOC) rules that participants in a No Rest For the Wicked (NRftW) event are expected to abide by. Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with these rules prior to arrival at the event as you will be held to them once you arrive and ignorance will not be a valid explanation for violating them. If you have any questions about sections of this document, the event in general or matters that are not covered in this document then please contact the organisers via the website prior to an event or at the event ask them in person.


The event crew will contain the organisers, the event storytellers and those that are just portraying NPCs for the event. The organisers and event storytellers will identify themselves to all participants at the event briefing. They will also make it clear where the event desk will be located.

  • Organisers can answer any question about the OOC running of the event and all such questions should be directed to them.
  • Event Storytellers are the only crew members that can answer questions relating to the in character actions and plots taking place at the event, all such questions should be directed to them.
  • General crew have no special knowledge or responsibilities unless otherwise identified at the event briefing, for example as a designated weapon checker.

Event Briefing and the Event Desk

At the beginning of every NRftW event prior to time in being called the event organisers will hold an Event Briefing (EB) for all participants. The time of the EB will be publicised prior to the event via the website and mailing list so you can aim to arrive in time to attend. If you on site at the time then you will be expected to attend the EB. Those arriving later should make sure they contact the event organisers to discover what was said in the EB. The EB will run down the general OOC information that is specific to that event such as (but not limited to);

  • Identify the Event Organisers and the Event Storytellers and inform you where the Event Desk will be located.
  • Basic Site health and safety briefing, identifying areas that are considered only OOC, out of bounds or dangerous, fire drill and site evacuation procedures.
  • Identify any first aiders and other specialists such as designated weapon checkers.
  • Go through the basic rules for the event including any special rules that will apply for the current event.
  • The Event Storytellers will provide a briefing on the premise and any other IC information available prior to time in being called.

The Event Desk (ED) will be a physical area where players can go to contact the Organisers and the Storytellers during the event, it may not be manned at all times due to the the schedule of the event but it will be a central point of contact where messages can be left or where a storyteller or organiser can be requested during time out periods. The specific event rules for each event desk will be made clear at the Event Briefing.

Out of Character Areas and Time In

These will be identified at the Event Briefing however it will be usual at any event for certain areas to always be considered to be OOC at all times. These will include any kitchens, toilets, showers and wash blocks. Any bedrooms and participant tents used for sleeping will also usually be considered to be OOC unless the owning players or Event Organisers identifies them as IC areas. Where the site allows the OOC sleeping tents will be placed in a designated camping area to make this distinction easier.

The Event Desk will always be considered to be an OOC area.

Out of character areas will clearly be marked with bright yellow tape, rope or twine, as appropriate.

The specifics of the Time In hours for the event will be announced at the Event Briefing. Any participant who is in costume in an in character area during the time in periods will be considered to be in character and should be interacted with as such. No role playing, combat or other IC interaction should take place beyond the areas covered by the Time In and In Character designations.

If you have a pressing need to go out of character during the event, you may at any time put on a yellow armband, all individuals wearing a yellow armband are considered out of character.

If you feel someone has gone OOC without good reason, please contact a storyteller who will mediate the situation.

Participant Behaviour

The main aim of all participants at a NFRTW event is to have a fun time and create a sense of community amongst those attending, this is after all a hobby for everyone that is attending as a player or crew and they all want to enjoy their event as much as you do. Please remember this is all your interactions with the other participants and help them to enjoy themselves. We require all participants to be civil towards each other and the Event staff at all times.

Many players would prefer to discover information IC without knowing it OOC first, so you should not discuss IC information with other players unless you know they are happy for you to do so. If another player provides you with IC information that will adversely affect your role playing against your wishes while you are both OOC, then you should raise the matter with an Event Storyteller. They may give you permission to use that information IC. You cannot use IC information that you have gained while you are OOC unless you have been given specific permission to do so by an Event Storyteller.

All participants are also asked to contribute to keeping any site in use clean and tidy, this will reduce the need for the crew to spend time they could be providing you with entertainment tidying up instead. If you spot any damage to the site please make the Event Organiser aware of it.

Please be considerate of the needs of the other participants at the event, especially during OOC time when people may be trying to sleep or eat.

Unless the Event Organisers have said otherwise then alcohol is permitted to be brought to and consumed at NRftW events, however please consume it in moderation and with consideration for other participants. Drunken behaviour will not be tolerated by the Event Organisers and may result in you being required to sit out sessions of the event, or even being ejected from the event if they determine that you are too inebriated to safely take part in the event. In such cases the judgement of the Event Organisers will be final.

Complaints procedure

NRftW is run by a live role playing company dedicated to producing high quality events. However, the majority of crew that you encounter are volunteers who are there to enjoy the event and not to deal with problems or complaints. Please remember that this is their hobby too. We require our players to be civil towards all members of the volunteer crew at all times.

If you do have any problems or concerns then please go to Event Desk and ask to speak to the Event Organiser. The Event Organiser is the person whose job it is to deal with any problems that you have. If an issue is serious or distressing then we would urge you to bring it to our attention as early as possible. We will try to promptly resolve any problems that arise.

The Event Organiser will determine if the complaint should be handled by themselves if it relates to OOC behaviour or if it should be passed to the Event Storytellers to deal with it if related to breaches of the game rules.


NRftW is a contact combat Live Action Role Play system and as such ensuring the safety of yourself and other participants is paramount. The following rules are intended to safeguard everyone and as such it is important that you are aware of them and follow them whenever at a NRftW event. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in action being taken by the organisers and could see you ejected from an event so please read them.

If you are new to Live Action Role Play combat of the type used in NRftW then please mention this to the organisers and they will ensure that you are give the chance to take part in a combat training session that will go through the practical skills you'll be expected to be familiar with.

Weapon and Armour Checks

NRftW allows for the use of foam core, latex covered weapon props for melee combat as well as suitable Nerf and similar type toy guns for ranged combat. You are also allowed to use armour where appropriate. To ensure that all weapon props being used at an event are safe every weapon prop must be checked by an organiser or designated weapon checker prior to it being used. You are not required to have armour checked at the start of the event but it must be line with the general guidelines listed below.

  • All your weapons and shields must be checked at every event by a designated weapon checker.
  • You may only use spears and javelins with collapsible tips.
  • Any gun props must fire the ammunition types cleared for use by NRftW.
  • Any armour that you use at an event must not have sharp protruding edges.
  • You can carry other prop items such as a wooden staff but they must never be used in combat.
  • Weapons must meet our safety requirements

For further advice and information about the types of weapon and gun props recommended for NRftW please see the information on the website

Fighting safely

  • You must pull all of your attacks so that they land with virtually no force so as to avoid accidental injuries.
  • You must not thrust with any weapon other than a spear or javelin with a collapsible tip.
  • You must avoid aiming for the groin, breasts, neck or face where possible, NRftW does not use the head as a damage location so there is no need to aim to hit your target above the shoulders.
  • When aiming a gun at a target always aim for the centre of the torso, all gun damage is applied to body hits and so there is no need or advantage in trying to hit a specific body part.

Please use common sense in all cases. You may put your hand in the air to indicate that you do not wish any player to make physical contact or hit you with a weapon, for example if you have a medical condition or injury you do not want to be aggravated by physical contact. If you wish to harm a character who has their hand in the air then you must say, “OOC - I am incapacitating your character” while you are within arm’s reach.

Grappling and body contact

  • You must not grapple, trip or make bodily contact with another player while fighting
  • You must not grab an opponent’s weapon or shield.

Prior to a small fight you and your opponent might agree to allow grappling or other techniques. You must personally have explicit permission from your opponent beforehand and you are both responsible for ensuring your own safety in such circumstances.

Man down

  • You should only call MAN DOWN if you see anyone suffer a real injury

This call alerts all players to the fact that someone is potentially hurt. You should alert the nearest member of crew if necessary and all combat should cease immediately upon a Man Down call being used.


Despite all of our best effort occasionally accidents may occur. If you have an accident whilst at a NRftW event then please ensure that you report it to the Event Organiser at the earliest convenient time. If you have an accident but not report it to the Event Organisers whilst at the event then it may not be covered by the event insurance should complications arise as a result.