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Fair Met by Midnight

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A Council of Angels

Our third full weekend event. It is being held on the weekend of the 26th to the 28th of September 2014 at Douglaswood Scout Camp near Dundee.

You can book for this event on our booking page now.


Douglaswood Scout Camp, near Dundee, DD5 (website)

Crew can arrive from 3pm on the Thursday, and players can arrive from 3pm on the Friday, but storytellers will not be available to deal with player enquiries until after 4pm. There is not much to do in the local area, so we advise players to not arrive before 4pm.

We are expecting to be leaving the site by 1pm on the Monday. Anyone who can assist with clean-up will be appreciated.

You can use the postcode DD5 3QH as a guide for sat-nav systems, but it will not take you to the site. It will, in fact take you to somewhere completely different. Basically, once you're on the B978 (Kellas Road) then look out for the large transmitter tower on the western side of the road. If you're coming from Dundee (i.e., the south), then if you haven't gone past the tower, you're not there yet. If you're coming from the north, then if you've gone past the tower, you've gone too far.

The entrance to the site isn't particularly well sign-posted, though we will have signs up as soon as we can manage to make the turn-off a little easier to find. Once you're on the collection of potholes that make up the road, turn right at the junction (across the cattle-grid and make your way to the gate. If you're arriving after us, the gate will be unlocked, so open it and come through (but close it behind you). Follow the road to the right and you'll see the carpark. Keep following it, and you'll come to the main buildings.

We would prefer that all cars be left in the main carpark once they've been unloaded with the possible exception of those who have volunteered to act as a taxi service.

Event Times

The event is expected to start from 7pm on the Friday, and to finish at around 2pm on the Sunday. There will not be a permanent time-in. Sleep-time will be from 1am to 10am, you may continue roleplaying but no calls will be permitted during this time. Storytellers may, if they choose, make themselves available - but don't count on our insomnia!


We are catering for crew who want it, but players will have to fend for themselves. There is a full kitchen available for players to use.


We have centrally-heated indoor accommodation for up to 34 players (and 24 crew and staff). Sleeping bags or other bedding will be required. Some blankets and pillows are available. There is also room for camping, and if we have more people wanting to attend than we have indoor spaces available, we will ask people to camp.

The Event

Special Requests

We're very sure we haven't covered every question you could ask, every contact you could have and every plan you might come up with. If you do have any questions about this event or your character, if you're struggling to get involved, come and find one of us! We'll be pretty visible (it'll be the hi-vis jackets) and very approachable.

OOC Brief

Recent Events

Recent events will become available closer to the event


Rumours will become available closer to the event

Planetary Information


All ticketing for this event is being done through our ticketing provider, Billetto. You can book tickets here.

We're experimenting with this ticket system, and a new pricing system. Let us know what you think. Basically, if you would struggle to pay the normal ticket price the hardship ticket is for you; if you happen to have spare income and want to help us make better events, we'd really appreciate if you picked the Donation ticket. Anyone who buys a Donation ticket will have their name listed on the website (unless you don't want to be), and will have our profound thanks.


The following people have purchased donation tickets, or made donations for this event:

  • Björn Sederholm
  • Stewart Carmichael