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No Rest for the Wicked Season 2: Through the Maw of Ni'ir

The stars are our birthright.

Perhaps you knew this from the youngest age, staring out across the cold expanses of space from the bridge of a voidship. Perhaps you learned it gazing up at the heavens, your feet planted in the grass, dust, or ferracrete of the homeworld you’ve since left a hundred lightyears behind. …Or perhaps this old truth is still dawning upon you, even as you take your first steps into the uncharted reaches of the galaxy.

Was it chance that brought you Beyond the Line… or was it a greater destiny?

We are the Worthies of Arkangel Station, treading the paths our ancestors once travelled amongst the stars. We will explore as far as they once did… and then we will press on even farther.

These are the trials we have overcome. These are our victories… and these are our defeats.

These are our stories.

Join us. Because the stars are your birthright too.

The Dynasties of Arkangel Station

We are an alliance of many peoples, a sodality of many cultures. Amongst our numbers can be found the lowly raised-up through strength or cunning, by intelligence or hard labour... or even through pure chance. Amongst our numbers can be found those born to the power they now own, the scions of grand legacies centuries, even millennia, old. A single viewpoint would suffocate our potential.

We are Humanity, in every variation and grandeur. Come, then, and meet us:

The Worthies of the Arkangel Expedition

Here are the champions of the Imperium of Humanity, those daring few who have journeyed forth Beyond the Line. These are our sisters, our brothers, and our siblings. We were born on a hundred distant worlds; we were raised apart beneath dozens of conflicting credos and codes. We are not, all of us, a family... or even friends.

But here and now, in this place? We rule Arkangel Station together. Listen, and learn of us:

Remembered Worthies

All of Humanity are as bright candles, burning briefly against the darkness of the void. Some of our companions have fallen in battle, and wait for us now at the God-Emperor's Right Hand. Yet others are no longer able to join us in exploration or battle, and have withdrawn to advise us from sheltered spaces aboard Arkangel Station. A few have left us, for reasons painful or pleasant; and a few are simply lost to us, beyond our capacity to rescue.

We remember them all. And, now, so will you:

Systems and Planets of Import

We carry our birthworlds with us into the stars. They are our first mothers, fathers, and parents. They give us life and shape us, preparing us all for every journey that waits ahead. ...But we have discovered new planets in the cold expanses of the void, Beyond the Line and through the Maw of Ni'ir.

Some worlds are bleak and others beautiful. Some systems are alien and others oh-so-familiar. These are the places we know:

Within Arkangel Station

Across the strange and often lawless reaches of the Stygian Abyss, the Imperium of Humanity has few friends... and even fewer allies. The Worthies of Arkangel can only trust each other, for who else can be counted upon Beyond the Line? And so, Arkangel Station has been built up into a veritable city, replete with every necessity and luxury the heart could desire.

The stars beckon as we prepare for future adventures. But, for now, explore the station all around you: