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Race Human
Dynasty Summers
Player Gareth Roberts
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Name: Sgt. Iago Lennon

Dynasty: Summers Dynasty

Notable Traits: Scoundrel, Con Man, Security Specialist, "Librarian" (Hacker), Heavy Gunner, Pistolero!

Titles: Chief Officer, Drifter Fleet

Senior Librarian, Port Minerva


Information Known by Arkangel Society

Wanted by Arkangel authorities for various acts of petty theft, fraud and parking violations. Being a member of a Rogue Trader crew puts him frustratingly out of their jurisdiction.

Scion of one of the ruling families of Port Minerva, an outlaw space station orbiting a failed agri-planet. A wretched hive of scum and villainy.


Lennon's mam was on the Council of Matriarchs, one of the ruling groups of Port Minerva. (On Port Minerva, you do as your mam tells you, no questions.)

Known Associates

Lord-Captain Daisy Summers/Lord-Shaman Spider Daisy of the Drifter Fleet

Rabbit Sings


Rexuz Dynasty


Has contacts with the weirdest people. For a price, can get you anything, however heretical or esoteric.

Alternatively, willing to sell you any old crap and tell you it's heretical or esoteric.


OOC Information

Player: Gareth Roberts

Inspirations: Extreme Space Scouser. Sgt. Pepper/60s Psychedelic aesthetic filtered though a parallel universe where the Vietnam War featured the British.

Soundtrack: Sgt. Lennon's Lonely Hearts Club Playlist