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Race Human
Dynasty Rexuz
Player Jodika
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Name: See email address above if you're trying to find out Spider's legal name; it isn't hard. You could also try asking her.

Dynasty: Rexuz

Notable Traits: Red bandana, feathers in her hair, frequently some kind of face paint. Her armour and outfits look handmade and pieced-together from wide-ranging travels; furs from species that even she will cheerfully admit she doesn't know the name of, Imperial Guard dogtags, an archaotech Force Sword named Priscilla, bits of shell she claims are from 'the psychic clams of Sidion VIII', etc.

Something like an Arborian accent, but not a strong one - not unless angry or drinking more than usual, anyway.

Titles: The individual known as Spider currently holds no titles officially recognised by Arkangel or the Imperium.

Information Known by Arkangel Society



Fuck knows

Known Associates

The Rexuz Dynasty, the Arborian Drifter Fleet, including the Arborian Free Companies.

Has been spotted talking to that Harlequin quite a bit lately.



OOC Information

Player: Jodika