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By Schisms Rent Asunder

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By Schisms Rent Asunder

By Schisms Rent Asunder is the 11th No Rest for the Wicked event, and is taking place on a feudal world unknown to the Imperium and long disconnected from other worlds. There will be politics, psychic trouble, dueling, and more in a race to save the world from the growing threat of Chaos. It is being held on the weekend of 1st to 3rd July 2016 at Douglaswood Scout Camp near Dundee.

You can book for this event on our booking page now.

Facebook event


Douglaswood Scout Camp, near Dundee, DD5 (website)

Crew and players can arrive from 4pm on the Thursday, and there will be an OOC social on both Thursday and Sunday nights.

We are expecting to be leaving the site by 1pm on the Monday. Anyone who can assist with clean-up will be appreciated.

You can use the postcode DD5 3QH as a guide for sat-nav systems, but it will not take you to the site. It will, in fact take you to somewhere completely different. Basically, once you're on the B978 (Kellas Road) then look out for the large transmitter tower on the western side of the road. If you're coming from Dundee (i.e., the south), then if you haven't gone past the tower, you're not there yet. If you're coming from the north, then if you've gone past the tower, you've gone too far.

The entrance to the site isn't particularly well sign-posted, though we will have signs up as soon as we can manage to make the turn-off a little easier to find. Once you're on the collection of potholes that make up the road, turn right at the junction (across the cattle-grid and make your way to the gate. If you're arriving after us, the gate will be unlocked, so open it and come through (but close it behind you). Follow the road to the right and you'll see the carpark. Keep following it, and you'll come to the main buildings.

We would prefer that all cars be left in the main carpark once they've been unloaded with the possible exception of those who have volunteered to act as a taxi service.

Event Times

The event is expected to start from 7pm on the Friday, and to finish at around 2pm on the Sunday. There will not be a permanent time-in. Sleep-time will be from 2am to 10am, you may continue roleplaying but no calls will be permitted during this time. Storytellers may, if they choose, make themselves available - but don't count on our insomnia!


We are looking at hiring Mhorish for both crew and player catering, this will include a Saturday evening banquet where no attacks will happen from the crew side.


We have centrally-heated indoor accommodation for up to 34 players (and 24 crew and staff). Sleeping bags or other bedding will be required. Some blankets and pillows are available. There is also room for camping, and if we have more people wanting to attend than we have indoor spaces available, we will ask people to camp.

We will be looking to hire a number of bell tents from Skian Mhor for the weekend, these will be available to crew and players.

The Event

The call has arisen from a long-lost world. The warp whispers of a world wreathed in blue flame, and unusual transmissions have finally fallen upon human ears.

Lhosir. A world of the Iron Star, long-ago fallen and calling out for help. Prizes to be won, daemons to be fought, a world to save - what rogue trader could miss out on such an adventure? A SPECTRE scout vessel has now visited the world based on the astromantic coordinates derived from tracing the Transmissions from the Deep back to their source.

Scout Report

There is one significant landmass populated by varying sizes of settlements, with what appears to be a hive-like structure and landing fields at the centre of the landmass. The Aquila lander despatched to the surface ran into technical difficulties and crash-landed. No transmissions were received from the lander after the crash. Unfortunately, Major Orpheus was aboard the lander.

Both the astropaths and navigators on the vessel reported a higher-than-normal amount of warp activity from the world, and they could feel its presence from orbit, though it fluctuated.

An ancient satellite network was detected in orbit, and the vessel came under scanning. High-resolution optical scans revealed what appears to be a feudal culture - no notable vehicles or power signatures, though there were fluctuating power signals at various locations including the hive-like structure.

OOC Brief

Recent Events

Recent events will become available closer to the event


Rumours will become available closer to the event

Planetary Information

See the Scout Report.


All ticketing for this event is being done through our ticketing provider, Tixty. You can book tickets here.

Cleaning Policy

Following a series of events where the event clean-up has been done by a very small group of people, the following policy is in place for all attendees. Should it be felt that this policy is not having the desired effect, ticket prices may have to go up across the board for future events to account for the costs of cleaning, loss of deposit or other incurred charges.

Policy text: All attendees at events run by Conflict Resolution LARP Ltd are expected to assist in cleaning and tidying the event site such that it can be left in a timely fashion by all parties. It is expected that each attendee will, over the course of the event, engage in an hour of productive assistance before leaving the site themselves. This assistance can include washing dishes that are not your own, removing rubbish, site walks to clean up encounter areas, sweeping and mopping floors, taking down tents and large props, and packing the prop van. Cleaning up after yourself, and other personal cleaning is not included within this expected cleaning time, and it is also expected that some cleaning tasks can and will be done over the weekend rather than all cleaning being done at the end of the event.