Orderly Officer Charles Bernard Sterling

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Race Human
Dynasty Victoria
Player Gavin Sharp
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Name: Charles Bernard Sterling

Dynasty: Victoria

Notable Traits: Pretoria style uniform and Pipe


Information Known by Arkangel Society


Known Associates



  • "I've never seen Sterling respond to a desperate situation with anything other than a sort of cheerful, unhurried efficiency. Either he's got nerves of steel or he's dipping into his medical supplies and not sharing, the selfish bastard." - Mac
  • "He is utterly loyal, I hope that his lord captain appreciates fully what he has in him." - Maximillion
  • "I would love to have tea and cake with this guy, and just listen to the stories he must know!" - Araq
  • "He was rather cheerful and smiley as he broke my ribs to re-set them" - Cartwright
  • "To smile in the face of death is a trait I can admire." - Rusev

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