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Name: Nethea

Type: Agricultural World

Orbital Radius: 1.5 x10^15 Km

Gravity: Within Human norm.

Temperature/Climate: Temperate

Population: 1.5 billion Human / 1.2 million Indigenous Workers

Governor: B. Riegel

Political Affiliation: Prototypal Party.

Background Information Known by Arkangel Society

Nethea grows produce for 15 % of Sector. Seasonal output varies little and provides a constant volume throughout the year. 4 companies represented on planet, each controlling a continent. Larson Farms - Produces Wheat and Grain products on Northern Continent. Griffin Farms - Produces animal products on the central land mass. Mediean Farms - Produces Fruit products on the Southern Continent. Mumford Ind. - Produces Exotic Flavourings and products on the Polar Cap.


Planet was a dead world within the past 10 centuries. Marked evolution of multiple species of flora and fauna with unknown origins.

CHI Presence and Influence

University had a unit researching history of planet and they reported they suspected an unknown origin for growth but could find no evidence of anything further.

Forge representatives are minimal on planet as a low tech world.

Fuga Animi scattered amongst population groups, used for majority of heavy work on planet.

Other Documentation

Distress Call


The Next Location for Arkangel to travel to for E3 - Sadly also lacking a snappy title