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Type:A triptych of star systems in close proximity

Sector Governor: Cecilia Blair

Political Affiliation:Imperial

Background Information Known by Arkangel Society


Welcome to Thricecrown, the Estate of House Victoria. Taken in the Great Crusade, Thricecrown is a triptych of star systems in close proximity to each other. Taking lessons from the Great Roboute Guilliman, House Victoria conquered the stars, subjugated the locals and set up a well maintained fiefdom, with excellent logistics.

Hallbert - The first and greatest system to be conquered. Two asteroid belts litter this system, suggestive of more planets than currently exist today. The first sits between the Red Dwarf sun and Hallbert-A (Hallberta colloquially), a rich Savannah world, with wicked stormy poles. This is the seat of House Victoria’s power, the many plains cut up and turned into vast hunting estates for the noble families. Victoria is the Capital City, a sprawling megalopolis that the rest of the planet feeds into. The four moons are all colonised to some extent, hollowed out and converted into vast hydroponics bays and extra planetary defence installations. Hallbert-B is the centre of the Adeptus Mechanicus in Thricecrown, a rocky, lifeless planet that has been turned into a smoggy manufactorum hiveworld, operated under Fiefal acknowledgement to the ruling House. Beyond is the second asteroid belt, which the Adeptus Mechanicus are constantly scouring for materials. Hallbert-C is a worthless rock, fit only for extra-solar communications and the first line of defence stations. It is in orbit here that the Merchant Hubs float.

BrightOne - The second system to be conquered, orbiting a vastly powerful White Dwarf whose solar radiation has scoured three planets to rock and ash. BrightOne I - III are all dead worlds, killed by the glare of the sun. But rumours persist of pirates hiding on the sun scorched surface of BrightOne II, in amongst the strange ruins of a obliterated race. And the unlucky criminals of Thricecrown are punished by working the mines of BrightOne III. BrightOne IV is the only habitable planet, a storm wracked oceanic surface with archipelago landmasses. Leviathans of all sorts are hunted for sport, food and necessity here. BrightOne V and VI are gas giants, their rings littered with orbital workshacks and refeulling stations.

Ashwood - the final system making up the ThriceCrown triptych. The red atmospheres of Ashwood Primus and Second hang heavy in the sky, like a pair of evil eyes staring down upon the surface of Ashwood Tertius - maybe it is these that omens that brought the church here in droves. The planet is largely lush temperate forests in the northern hemisphere, and oppressive jungles in the southern hemisphere. Across the globe, giant spines of mountains poke through the foliage, and it is here than the monasteries and scholastica buildings can be found, carved into the very walls. But Ashwood’s Evil Eyes have attracted the attention of Ruinous Powers, and the Righteous must constantly fight the forces of chaos, and the mutant spawn they create. Ashwood Quarternus hangs back, out of reach of the warmth of the sun, barely bigger than the dozen or so moons that orbit it. And no-one asks what the black vessels with the imposing “I” on their heraldry are doing there.

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