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Race Human
Dynasty Alexander
Player Mark
Araquiel of Baal

Name: Rafe "Araq" Araquiel

Dynasty: Alexander

Notable Traits: the majority of his body is mechanical of not-quite-Imperial tech with many non-documented features and qualities, trained mechanic, trained cogitator support, trained EOD.


Information Known by Arkangel Society


  • Born on Baal to parents of no especial note.
  • Has an older brother & sister, who each passed the aspirant trials into the Blood Angels. Their current status is unknown.

Known Associates



  • "I didn't ask for this... but it's who I am, now." - Araquiel
  • "Anyone willing to do what he does is worth all the thrones in the Imperium, I once saw him doing maintenance." - Maximillion

OOC Information

Player: Mark Fairbrother.

Inspirations: Adam Jensen & the Deus Ex universe/stories, Major Kusanagi & the Ghost in the Shell universes/stories.

Soundtrack: music by Imagine Dragons.