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'''Name: Azrael Schwarzekappel'''   
'''Name: Azrael Schwarzekappel'''   

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Race Human
Dynasty Kasputin
Player Harland Quarmby
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Name: Azrael Schwarzekappel

Dynasty: Kasputin

Notable Traits: Has a Strong desire to entrench and utilize land mines in almost all circumstances

Titles: Oberarzt (Lieutenant-Surgeon)

Information Known by Arkangel Society

A competently trained Veteran Field Surgeon from the Kolechian 14th Heavy Siege Regiment. The 14th were disbanded after catastrophic losses caused by a Tau strike-force on the world of Korista


From the planet of Kolechia, a world of similar circumstance and culture to that of the Famed Death Korps of Krieg

Known Associates

Currently in service to the Kasputin Dynasty



OOC Information

Player: Harland Quarmby

Inspirations: Death Korps of Krieg Infantry