Lt. Renton

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] |Race= human |Dynasty= Ravager }}

Lt. Renton

Name:LT. Renton


Notable Traits:Ravager tattoos, Diamond tattoo on face, strong accent

Titles: Lieutenant

= Information Known by Arkangel Society

LT. Renton is a Ravager Mercenary. He claims to be a 'Diplomatic' officer, however he seems to mostly run raid and sabotage missions. He is a skilled pilot and tends to use high tech equipment. He is blood thirsty in the extreme, not thinking twice about killing anyone who has so much as annoyed him.



Known Associates

The Ravager Faction



  • " Lok mate yoo dont hif to tek this so personal, is only business ja?" - Lt. Renton
  • "Man is an asshole." - Maximillion

OOC Information

Gerard Kurth:

Inspiration:Revolver Ocelot from The MGS franchise, Kruger from Elysium

Soundtrack:MGS soundtrack. Die Antwoord