Florentius Sweetwater

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Race Human
Dynasty Rexuz
Player Paul Cordukes

Name: Florentius Sweetwater

Dynasty: Rexuz Dynasty

Notable Traits: A worn and faded blue coat complimented by a rusty plated Ushanka hat. Sweetwater is all man and flesh, his joking smile hides a hundred years of terror.

Skills: Marksman, Informant, Subterfuge and impromptu surgeon.

Information available after thorough investigation

It started, as always, with the draft. Florentious “Ren” Sweetwater was a farmer upon The Fold, a great planet of ice. His farm was small and isolate, and thermal heating kept the enclosure warm enough to grow thin and weak produce.

He lived there with his Aunt and her daughter, growing a meagre earning.

The next day he was a Guardsman. He was assigned training at one of the secure facilities on an a planet of barren ice, weather so bad it was a classified death world. After a few months, the recruitment office in charge of the operation, Commissar Mudaski simply left.

Fifty rookie guardsmen were left alone. No supervision, and no training. Not long after, the supplies stopped.

What followed was six years of survival living off the frozen land, huddled to stay warm in the metail housing facility. Power was eventually lost at year two. By year three, the remaining twenty had split into two factions. By year six, there were only four left. Meranda went missing trying to fix the communication beacon. Roy went looking for her, and never returned. Viktor made a deal that when he died, Sweetwater was to eat him.

Eventually, he was the last one. With no reason to stay he took it upon his own initiative to leave. He scrapped the remaining power cells and stripped the shelter of insulation. He levered out an old shuttle and got enough power into it to take him airborne.

He broke orbit in a wreck and got picked up by passing salvagers. Then he contacted Command

He learned he was only supposed to be there for a six week training probation before the project was closed down the project. Impressed with his resolution, he was promoted on the spot to Captain, given the wrong uniform, and was put in charge of any remaining guardsman of Installations 1 - 17.

After that, he was drafted into the Crusade by Commisar Rexus, and then legally died during duty, thus ending his duty to the guard.

He spent the next fifty years in relative solitude. He went home and churned the fields, and then went back out to the fringes of space. He had talents worth paying for. He amassed wealth by taking an assortment of private jobs. Spec-ops, Merc work, spying, assassination. He found himself far from home and on one job he found himself a wife. A Kroot woman, Kraw’wa, who tricked him into marriage. Alas, Sweetwater could never break a vow, and kept her close and safe during his journey.

He was introduced to a cousin of hers, a Mercenary of the Black Talons, who has a habit of hiring non-Kroot talent. It was there he met Gue’Vesa Leo’Lan who became quickly trusted to get the job done. Tensions in the Black Talons grew as mutiny became close to reality. It was then that Sweetwater received a message from his old Commissar-come-Captain to join the crew.

So Sweetwater lit the match and burned his bridges with the Black Talon as the company-wide Coup destroyed all evidence of his existence, and brought the rest of the Kroot Mercs, Kraw’wa and Leo onto the Valhalla’s Regards, ready to face the Maw.


  • "He is the most normal man that I know. A fact that he is, and should be, very proud of!" - Tempus
  • "That guy's been through the kind of things that make lesser men lesser, but they don't seem to have had that effect on him." - Mac
  • "He seems lovely and ever so calm and reasonable. But he has that reaction to things that make me wonder...well. He reacts to some questions like I do. And I know why I react like that. So I wonder if the same is for him. If it is....he needs more help than he lets on." - Artemisia Minerva Tabbris Blair
  • "Generous. With his finances, his time, and his emotions. He gives much, and does not seem to expect anything in return." - Thunder
  • "There is only one other I have been closer to, if he asks I aid him." - Maximillion
  • "Ahhh, Sweetwater, so different and yet so unchanged since I first clapped eyes on him" - Cartwright
  • "Solid enough quartermaster and logistic officer material. Suitably by the book. Always seems a little drained however, perhapse I should order him some leave on medical grounds" - Surgeon General Schwarzekappel
  • "When I met him, I took him for a starched-shirt Company Clerk. I'm not ashamed to admit I misjudged him. Sweetwater is steel to the core, and anyone who's coming for him is going to have to come through me first." - Sgt. Iago Lennon
  • "Sweetwater gives me hope. He has had a life of boring service but has managed to break through his conditioning to become his own Man." - Maximillion

OOC Information

Player: Paul Cordukes