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Race Human
Dynasty Cerastes
Player Your Name

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Name: Macharius "Mac" Malvoisin

Dynasty: Cerastes

Notable Traits: Vibrant fashion sense, profane volubility

Titles: Commissar Senior Grade, Officio Praefectus (Reserve status), Executive officer of the Astral Stranger

Information Known by Arkangel Society

An officer and a gentleman

Mac Malvoisin ("It's pronounced 'Mallen'") is Lord Captain Sireena Cerastes' right-hand, or perhaps more accurately left-hand, man. His main tasks seem to be exploration, investigation and reconnaissance. He has people skills, for a sufficiently loose value of "people." Mac spent a long career in Departmento Munitorum intelligence doing one shady job after another, and although he may technically no longer be on active service, it's generally understood that Mac still knows some people who know some people.

Mac has a perverse sense of humour and a thirst for new sensations. He's known as a connoisseur of cheap, spicy food.


Mac comes from a respectable family on an unspecified Imperial world: both of his parents were officers in the Imperial Guard

Known Associates



  • "He has clearly seen some shit but he hasn't let it get him down, you have to respect that." - Maximillion
  • "Looks like a soldier. Acts like a soldier but does not talk like one. He is funny, and he was kind to me. Different from me, but different from the others too. He thinks differently. I would like to know what he is thinking." - Skyfall
  • "An energetic personality that almost seems at odd to how effective a soldier and intelligence officer he is. If you need a question answering he will most likely know the answer or how to get it" - Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "Dammed decent chap and dammed odd for a member of the Commissariat." - Cartwright
  • "One has to admire a mon'keigh with the stones to size me up on his own, despite what he was told..." - Ed'wari
  • "Mac? Macharius 'Mac' Malvoisin, you mean? Ah, now, there is an interesting individual! People observe Mac and see the outer veneer of buffoonery he enjoys - or, at the very least, employs - and they think that they have the measure of the man as a mere jester. But I have seen Mac, in a moment of high need, process emergent information and model new modes of thought with a speed on a par with my own. An individual that intelligent, that adaptable, is a man that I will always trust at my back... but I will ever sleep with one eye open to watch him." - Augustronomos Corophasian-Ingamar-Vicher, Navis-Scion of the House Corophasian.
  • "Some people talk. Other people simply do. Mac is one of those rare souls who is capable of both." - Thunder
  • "I'm just sayin', it sounds like politics to me. You probably wanna talk to a grown-up before you do anything... hey, look, good timing. Mac?" - Spider
  • "I do not know him well, but I am fairly sure the humour is mostly on the outside. I don't think it is fake. But I think it may be a mask. He talks very well. He makes you like him. I would happily stand by his side and let him do politics. He will be a good Rogue Trader one day." - Skyfall
  • "I've never met a member of the Commissariat that I didn't dislike... until this man. Maybe it is all just a clever trick but he is a good man, I think." Rusev
  • "The gold standard of... people that should be out beyond the line, forging their own path. Didn't think he'd noticed me, either. And I could just sit and listen to him talking any old crap for hours..." - Araq
  • "Nothing is quite as worrying as seeing Mac headed straight for you, telling you that you are just the person he is looking for. You just know that the news isn't going to be good, but at least it'll be straight to the point." - Victrix
  • "Could not wish for a better second-in-command, I am honestly not entirely sure what I would do without him and I hope I never have to find out." - Lord-Captain Sireena Jocasta of the Blood of House Cerastes
  • "Mac is sort of man who get things done. Maybe he do the thing him self, maybe he gets someone else to do it. But it gets done. Every crew needs one like him."* - Arkady Borovich
  • "Amused Statement: I almost don't double check his reconnaissance" - Twigjack
  • "Refreshingly to the point. As well as competent. That's more than good enough for me." - Friedrich Sternenlicht

OOC Information

Player: James Holloway

Inspirations: Sam Axe on Burn Notice, the CIA guy in a hundred Vietnam movies, any given James Ellroy protagonist, the 60s and early 70s in general.