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== Quotes ==
== Quotes ==
* ''"Quote."'' - [[NRFTW:who said it|who said it]]
* ''"He has clearly seen some shit but he hasn't let it get him down you have to respect that."'' - [[Lord Captain Maximillion Alexander|Maximillion]]
== OOC Information ==
== OOC Information ==

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Race Human
Dynasty Cerastes
Player Your Name

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Name: Macharius "Mac" Malvoisin

Dynasty: Cerastes

Notable Traits: Vibrant fashion sense, profane volubility

Titles: Commissar Senior Grade, Officio Praefectus (Reserve status), Executive officer of the Astral Stranger

Information Known by Arkangel Society

Mac Malvoisin ("It's pronounced 'Mallen'") is Lord Captain Sireena Cerastes' right-hand, or perhaps more accurately left-hand, man. His main tasks seem to be exploration, investigation and reconnaissance. He has people skills, for a sufficiently loose value of "people." Mac spent a long career in Departmento Munitorum intelligence doing one shady job after another, and although he may technically no longer be on active service, it's generally understood that Mac still knows some people who know some people.

Mac has a perverse sense of humour and a thirst for new sensations. He's known as a connoisseur of cheap, spicy food.


Mac comes from a respectable family on an unspecified Imperial world: both of his parents were officers in the Imperial Guard

Known Associates



  • "He has clearly seen some shit but he hasn't let it get him down you have to respect that." - Maximillion

OOC Information

Player: James Holloway

Inspirations: Sam Axe on Burn Notice, the CIA guy in a hundred Vietnam movies, any given James Ellroy protagonist, the 60s and early 70s in general.