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Race Human
Dynasty Rexuz Dynasty
Player Michael Dyson
A portrait of Tempus

Name: Tempus

Dynasty: Rexuz Dynasty

Notable Traits: His mask is his most recognisable feature, along with his red robe. He is also often seen carrying around a Force Rod, and a bag of ritual components. More recently, he can be seen with his pocket watch, and arborian bandana.

Skills: Psyker (Diviner), Ritualist, Pilot.

Information Known by Arkangel Society

As a powerful sanctioned psyker for the Imperial Guard, Tempus looked into the fate of Harlequin. Seeing that broke his mind, and forced him into a state where he had to wear a mask to ‘keep the thoughts in’. He was forced into cryosleep shortly after. He was later discovered, and recruited, by Lord Captain Rexuz as he ‘might be useful’.

Initially, he had a difficult time adapting to his new life as part of the rogue trader crew, often feeling the compulsion to ask permission for even the most mundane of tasks. He also had a great deal of difficulty establishing exactly when he was in his own timeline, often answering questions that had not yet been asked, making reference to events that had not yet happened, or responding to things that had happened weeks ago.

Over time, he began to become more independent, thanks to the support of both his crew, and the example set by the psykers of other dynasties. However, he still had difficulty grounding himself in the timeline. To help with this, Lord Captain Rexuz gifted him a pocket watch, so he could always refer to it in order to tell "when now is".

After hunting a basilisk along side Spider, she took it upon herself to recognise Tempus as an adult, and marked him with the blood of the beast (causing quite the issue, given the blood was toxic). Later, she adopted him as an arborian, after putting him through an Aborian Rite of Passage, so that he may have a people to call his own. He is now often seen wearing his bandana with pride.

Due to unfortunate circumstances that occurred during a ritual, Tempus has lost his memory of his days in the Imperial Guard academy, along with his ability to speak High Gothic.


Rumours suggest that Tempus is not his original name, though Tempus seems to know of no other name he would be called by.

There is also a rumour that would suggest that Tempus is actually the name of the mask, and that the personality known as Tempus is the personality of the mask, similar how each harlequin mask is differnt. This idea is difficult to prove, given Tempus's unwillingness to remove his mask, as it "keeps the thoughts in".


  • "For a guy from the future, Tempus is pretty solid. He's from the future, right? Something like that? Spider explained it once but I think I may not have understood it." Mac

OOC Information

Player: Michael Dyson

Inspirations: Merlin - Arthurian Lore Doctor Strange - Marvel Comics/Cinematic Universe Various Timelords - Doctor Who Other characters I can't recall right now.