Tomas J Rexuz

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Race Human
Dynasty Rexuz
Player Colin Simpson-Reilly
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Name: Tomas Julius Rexuz

Dynasty: Rexuz Dynasty

Notable Traits: Warrior, Man of Faith, Ex Commissar

Titles: Lord-Captain

Information Known by Arkangel Society

Lord Commissar-General Tomas J Rexuz was a well known figure on Arkangel even before he became a Lord-Captain. As one of the public faces for Astra Militarum recruitment for the Ruhort Sector he was at the forefront of the Hypatian Crusade, be it on the battlefield or alongside Lord Aschen. His warrant was given as a gift for his services to the Imperium during the crusade, but rumours abound that partly this was the New Lord-Governer cleaning house of his predecessors associates.


Mother: General Natasha Rexuz Father: Unknown Nobleman, thought to be named Julius

Other Family: Is known to have a legitimised Bastard Son who goes by the name Florentius Sweetwater

Known Associates



  • "An old friend, perhaps too old, maybe I should get him a hover-zimmer?" - Cartwright

OOC Information

Player: Colin Simpson-Reilly

Inspirations: Ciaphas Cain, Flashheart, All three musketeers.

Soundtrack: Will link once done