Lord Captain Maximillion Alexander

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Race Human
Dynasty Alexander
Player Matthew Tait
Lord Captain Maximillion Alexander

Name: Lord Captain Maximillion Alexander

Dynasty: Alexander

Notable Traits: Fun loving, Extravagant dresser

Titles: Primarus Psyker, Lord Captain

Information Known by Arkangel Society

Born on a heavily industrialised imperial world he was brought to the black ships at a you age. As soon as he was free he was recruited as a psyker specialist to a mercenary company serving as an anti psyker assassin.

He left not long after the company was hired by Lord Captain Alexander Winter Alexander. Seeing the opportunity for new freedoms, a chance to see things no one else could and operate under the protection of an imperial warrant he joined his crew. It did not take long for him to descend into a life of decadence and over indulgence.

Currently on Arkangel he is openly critical of the dockworkers union, if they want a say at the table they should earn a warrant like the rest of us, everyone needs to accept their place. He also has little respect for the University, stupid children playing with things they have no clue about.

Maximillion was not originally in the line of succession for the Alexander Warrant. No one is quite sure how he came by the Alexander but several notable administratum officials have verified the validity of his claim and there has so far been no complaints from Seraph where the Dynasties main holdings are.


He has no notable lineage.

Known Associates

He has has close ties to the Palawi.

He is know to spend a lot of time with the mercenaries of Charon's Thunder Free Company.

Skyfall He will often be seen in the company of Skyfall both of them behaving like small children and causing mischief.

Pippan D'Emma - His primary navigator and one of the few people that can get him to curtail the more extreme of his excesses.

Araquiel - His current 'Chief Engineer' after bribing him to let him onto his crew he is not sure what role he actually performs on his ship, Araquiel has however proven himself to be immensely useful so he does not question it him too much.

Damian "Baby Doc" - Often found fussing of Max after he has done something silly to hurt himself or overdosed. Damian is probably his best friend.


His coat is actually is possessed by an archdeamon of the Lord of Excess. Max himself merely being the vessel it controls.

His debauchery is all an act to hide a cunning mind and make his enemies understimate him.

He is actually a talented Mechanic.


  • "Have you tried snorking?" - Himself
  • "That Max legitimately considers huffing Ork spores a viable pastime should be all you need know of the Lord Captain. Some may see foolhardiness and decadence; I prefer to see courage and fortitude." - Thunder
  • "Seems a bit batshit, interested in the curious, and gives a crap about his crew - don't know much more than that yet, but I'm not sure I need to." - Araquiel
  • "I don't know what everyone's complaining about, I say that guy's a snappy dresser." - Mac
  • "Peel the orange!" - -Ed'wari
  • "Much cleverer than people think he is, because they do not understand him. I do not blame people for not understanding. His mask is very good. But he is one of the saddest people I know." - Skyfall
  • "He's like a Vostroyon Cyber-Peacock with a drug addiction. Fantastic brain, just surprised he hasn't managed to melt it out of his skull" - Cartwright

OOC Information

Player: Matthew Tait