Ed'wari Ky'mn

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Race Eldar
Dynasty Tollman
Player Fraser Ramsay
Ed'wari Ky'mn

Name: Ed'wari Ky'mn, Born of Ya'sura under Archon Kima'yun Ky'mn

Dynasty: The Tollman Dynasty

Notable Traits: A Dark Eldar, wearing simple black robes, colourful flashes in dark jagged hair and intricate facial tattoos. Carries a large two-handed blade.

Titles: True-born of the Kabal of Shadowed Thorns, Lead of the Fifth Reaver Fleet, Ynnari

Information Known by Arkangel Society

Ed'wari is clearly a Drukhari. Or rather he was... The Dark Eldar is apparently a reformed soul and walks the Path of Ynnead, and has broken the bonds that would tie him to the Dark City of Commoragh for some kind of spiritual journey. Lord Captain Tollman is the Rogue Trader responsible for facilitating the individuals journey as far as Ark-Angel.

The bhéd has shirked his expected spiked armour and wears simple and plain black robes, fashioned with some simple iconography to denote that he is "under the protection" of the Tollman Dynasty or rather simply, that he has permission to be there.

It is clear from his activity on the station that he likes good drink, good food and takes the occasional trip to the Underhive areas..


Archon Kima'yun Ky'mn (Deceased) Ya'sura Ky'mn

Known Associates



Is on some kind of religious quest

Has a family back in the Dark City

Isn't really reformed, it's just a cover


  • "Ed'wari is a difficult being to like, but he is worth the effort." - Thunder
  • "Whoah whoah whoah! Are you saying we're going to allow a *pirate* and *murderer* into this august ... nah, it's no good, I can't keep it up. Yeah, he's fine." - Mac
  • "He is a good person he just hides it well. If you look closely you can see the moments where is callous veneer cracks and his compassion shows through." - Maximillion
  • "People judge him for his blood not his behaviour. I do not think they would like others to do the same to them. For the way they treat him he is very patient. I do not think I would have stayed if they had treated me like that. Shows his faith is strong. Right now he needs us, bad enough that even he would admit that. If he is to not fall, he will need his new family to help hold him up." - Skyfall
  • "I think he has the Cherno outlook on life so while we might never be very close, I can respect that about him." Rusev
  • "One day. One day, however long it takes, you will call me one. And I don't really understand why that's so important to me." - Araq
  • "I applaud his skill. He certainly has had quite the effect on many, and the overwhelming approval of him is astounding. But I do not trust in his appearance of sincerity as so many others seem to." - Victrix
  • "From the gates of the Dark City to the Great Beyond. We shall rise." - Ambrose Cordell Tollman
  • "Tollman hired a what? Like, am I the only person left on Arkangel who has not gone literally insane? Because I half expect next time I come in here you're all gonna be sat having tea with a fucking Tyranid." - Spider
  • "...Ed'wari, I just - whatever you got going on, I mean, that's your business..... I just wanna... express sympathy." - Spider, two days later.
  • "I now understand you far more than I perhaps might have wished to. You walk a difficult path and I know something of what that means, we are perhaps more alike than I would ever have suspected, though my cause is perhaps a little less desperate than yours." - Lord-Captain Sireena Jocasta of the Blood of House Cerastes
  • "Edwari is a cruel and manipulative creature. Extremely dangerous, ruthless, cunning. He would make a fine Vor."* -Arkady Borovich
  • He is good in fight, and quick. But he has own agenda, one which might not benefit Imperium. That must be remembered." - Magos Karchev
  • "I've been playing at it like a child. It's time to grow up. Will you show me how" - Erasmus Bloom
  • "I begin to understand. And he may be the best guide I have to where I need to be, even though I take a different path." - Friedrich Sternenlicht

OOC Information

Player: Fraser Ramsay

Inspirations: Ramsay Bolton, Joseph Seed, Kai Anderson, Madara Uchiha

Soundtrack: Just Like Sleep - Passarella Death Squad