Lytling Ddraig Aur

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Race Human
Dynasty Charon's Thunder
Player Gareth Torrance
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Name: Lytling Ddraig Aur

Dynasty: Charon's Thunder Free Company

Notable Traits:

Titles: Crusading Imperial Knight and Head of House Ddraig Aur

Information Known by Arkangel Society


Known Associates



  • "Brother. Strong and kind together. You do not see much of that. Knows when people are hurting and how to fix that. Fix souls, I mean. Shows he cares by doing things, and by making fun of you." - Skyfall
  • "Lytling couldn't be more obviously out of place in this den of thieves, but that's kind of what I like about him. It gives him a different perspective that produces good insights." - Mac
  • "He is a brave and noble warrior, it is a pity that he appears to be becoming a politician" - Maximillion
  • "Made time for me. Unexpected. Suspicious... but welcome..." - Araq
  • "I think this man has a darker heart that some expect. Means he won't break when the hard choices have to be made." - Rusev
  • "What little contact I have had with him has impressed me, I'm damned sure he will do his family name proud" - Cartwright
  • "A true Knight, and the finest man I have ever had the honour of knowing." - Thunder

OOC Information

Player: Gareth Torrance