Regimental Mascot Elizabeth

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Race Lizard
Dynasty Kasputin
Player [1]
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Name: Elizabeth

Dynasty: Kasputin Dynasty

Notable Traits: Lizard. Amorous.

Titles: Sex-Raptor, Formal Lizard

Information Known by Arkangel Society

Captured as a juvenile during a hunt organised by Lord-Captain Blair, trained as a mascot for the Troopers of A Company, 42nd Britannicus. Left behind at the diplomatic conference with the CHI, due to the late night dust off, whilst she was out hunting.


Known Associates

The crew of the Kasputin Dynasty



  • "Elizabeth! ELIZABETH! Oh God-emperor. ELIZABETH!" - Cartwright
  • "If the monster puts it's teeth near me again I will bite it and it will be it's fault." - Skyfall
  • "A glorious creature, majestic, good colouring, sleek lines. I may need to find one for myself." - Maximillion
  • "Why did we adopt this Xenos? WHY DOES EVERY KEEP ADOPTING -Redacted- XENOS!... that said it kept the under decks clear of mutants quite effectively." - Lt Surgeon Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "I bet you've got a mouth that's just crawling with dirt and shit so they die, but it's of infection? Who's got their own little toxic ecosystem? You have! So you don't even have to bother making venom! That's very clever. Who's a clever girl?" - Spider
  • "Well now I have to work out how to co-parent with HIM. I suppose every day's a new lesson. I'll have to make her her own hat." - Artemisia Minerva Tabbris Blair
  • "... I have no words for this besides what the flying fu-" - Decius Crane

OOC Information

Player: The man in the morph suit

Inspirations: FENTON!