Decius Crane

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Race Human
Dynasty Arkangel Crew
Player [Ben Smith]
Decius Crane

Name: Decius Crane

Dynasty: Arkangel Crew

Notable Traits: Former Cadia Guardsman, Rememberancer, dresses in all black instead of his guards uniform.

Titles: Sergeant of D-Company, Cadian Shock Troopers, Rememberancer Imagist of New Rememberancer Order

Information Known by Arkangel Society

Decius was a Sergeant on Cadia, repelling invasions from the Eye of Terror, they needed a translator for Eldar so sent him off to learn where it turns out he has a knack for languages and culture. He was then recruited into the New Rememberancer Order and sent to Arkangel by a higher-up in the Administratum, overrulling his request to return to Cadia. He dislikes the Administratum as such. He takes great pride in his linguistic skills and time in the Guards, even more so in his Imaging.


3rd Child of Colonel Darrius and Major Levia Crane, still posted on Cadia.

Known Associates


He's taken heretical images and keeps them handy.

He's not actually human, it's a foul xeno trick to gather intelligence on the Rogue Traders.

Some say that if you see him, that's only because he wants you to see him.


  • "If it were not for the fact he captured such a fine representation of my countenance, the damned clicking of his Pict-Catcher would have driven me to skin him by now." - Ed'wari
  • "Odd fellow, who would even contemplate leaving The Guard just to take picts?" * - Cartwright
  • "A fine Remembrancer though I do find a man who takes pictures at a criminal conspiracy a little... suspect." * - Rusev
  • "I like having this man around. I will save judgement for when I have seen his images of someone who does not work his pict-corder as well as I do." - Maximillion
  • "he is a Wonderful remembrancer, I believe it's the first time I have had Picts of me that don't need destroyed." - Sev

OOC Information

Player: Ben Smith

Inspirations: Joe Galloway in We Were Soldiers, James Nachtwey the War Photographer, Oliver Facey

Soundtrack: Scandroid, Heilung, Two Steps From Hell