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Race Human
Dynasty Tollman
Player Charlie Turay

Name: Anahita hana Mira hana Zarya, out of Noelani by Fjord, Ingemar-Corophasian. Novator of House Ingemar, She-Who-Rides-The-Waves.

Dynasty: The Tollman Dynasty

Notable Traits: A Navigator who favoirs bold prints, teals, and a variety of wigs. Very Matriarchal.

Titles: Novator, Lord or Lady depending on the situation.


House Ingemar shares similar water-based mutations and often likes to have a water tank installed on the bridge for them to navigate within. They're almost entirely aquatic when not having to attend to duties on land, and are rumoured to exist solely upon warp energy alone.

It is a house of grace and manners - some say they're weak and willowy, others say they're aloof and reclusive - regardless, like the water of their namesakes, the house continues on and adapts to whatever is thrown at them.

The house gifts its family, friends and allies with "deed names" for their acts. Said to be an honour or a curse, these names are often poetic sounding and a little tribal in fashion. They are also non-specific enough that nobody outside the house is entirely sure what they mean.

The house is viewed as somewhat aloof and more than a little distant, but loyalty runs strong in them and they have an incredible ability to adapt to new situations.

Gendered titles are fluid in the house, chosen by the individuals and sometimes causing more than a little confusion. The heads of the house don't mind so much, so long as offspring are produced and the house flourishes and grows.

Ladies of the House often follow The Way of The Waves, becoming ritualists that manipulate the weave of the Warp to their own end. They often call upon the elements to enact their rites, and water features quite heavily too, often scented to invoke patterns of thought within those who participate.

Academics, doctors, and more intellectual individuals may also take the title of Lady, though some prefer to be known as Sage.

Lords of the House follow a more militant path; as leaders, tacticians, and soldiers when needed. Lords tend to have more of a martial bent, and the gaze of their third eye is something to be feared.

As naming conventions go, a member of House Ingemar will pull their names from their descendant with a matching Lord or Lady title. In Anahita's case:

Anahita changes between Lord and Lady depending on the situation they're in.

Anahita: Her given name

hana Mira, hana Zarya: Ana's Lady-Mother and Lady-grandmother.

out of Noelani by Fjord: Lord Noelani Ingemar lead a unit of Ingemar Lords into battle during the Hypatian Crusade, unleashing a hail of white hot fury from their eyes upon red-eyed, blood-soaked daemons of some horrific power. She calmly stated afterwards that while blood was thicker than water, a tide of Ingemar Lords were more viscous than oil itself. Onlookers were unsure what this meant, but it seemed deep and meaningful and they weren't likely to argue with the blood-soaked noble with blood-lust and piety in all three of her eyes. Lady Fjord Ingemar-Arixea was a diplomat and novice ritualist who paled in comparison but brought much needed genetic diversity to the house.

Novator of House Ingemar: Anahita is the head of her family beyond the line. This explains her occasional absences from adventures.

"She-Who-Rides-The-Waves": Likely a deed name that makes a statement about Ana's ritualistic ability? Maybe she really likes surfing? Feel free to ask her what it means

Public Info and Rumours

Anahita was recently Psychically Awakened by the individual known as Higgs.

She is in a relationship with Romeles Blair, and married to Nomos.


  • "She is quite competent and diplomatic from what I have seen so far and has quite interesting nerve tissue from a medical point of view" - Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "They sing such soothing songs that calm all around, even when they are in the most danger. Such grace in turmoil." - Sterling
  • "Pretty nifty, all right." - Stacy
  • "We have evolved a bond akin to friendship. I would trust her with even the steps of my path." - Ed'wari
  • "A Navigator of unsurpassed fashion. It will be exciting to see them react to their new power." - Maximillion