Romeles Uriel Corinthian Blair

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Race Human
Dynasty House Victoria
Player Adam Ottaway
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Name: Romeles Uriel Corinthian Blair

Dynasty: House Victoria

Notable Traits: Praetorian Style Uniform


Information Known by Arkangel Society


Known Associates



  • "What Ho" - The man himself
  • "Outwardly he might seem like a carefree child of privilege, but under that exterior there's a guy who has a really good assistant." - Mac
  • "I have seen Lord Captain Blair fight only out of the corner of my eye, but it was enough. He is a true hunter, and I pity any creature he marks his prey." - Thunder
  • "A man of many surprising talents. Just the chap for a fun adventure." - Maximillion
  • "Well, shit. How could I have missed out on that... gonna add going on a hunt with this guy to my bucket list." - Araq
  • "A bit more traditional than I might like, but he does at least hold the interests of humanity as a top priority and that is something I can work with." - Lord-Captain Sireena Jocasta of the Blood of House Cerastes
  • "Blair is one of a few people who has made me realise 'Nobility' means different thing out here than back on Chernobog. One day we shall go sump fishing."* - Arkady Borovich
  • "Resigned Statement: It is probably fortunate he did not lick the blue goo. He would have enjoyed it though." - Twigjack
  • "Rommy, can I have a squig?" *gives no time to reply* "200 teef is fine, right?" *wanders off before any further reply can be made* - Artemisia Minerva Tabbris Blair
  • "I have grown fond of this Dynasty. They understand the importance of Family" - Lord Captain Arkady Borovich

OOC Information

Player: Adam Ottaway

Inspirations: Michael Caine in Zulu

Soundtrack: [Professor Elemental - Fighting Trousers]