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* ''"By the Saints Holy Bayonet, wherever he comes from, they make 'em big!."'' - [[Capt._Cartwright|Cartwright]]
* ''"By the Saints Holy Bayonet, wherever he comes from, they make 'em big!."'' - [[Capt._Cartwright|Cartwright]]
* ''"I'm interested to see how he does on this new battlefield. I mean, he'll ''do'' fine, but it can be dangerous."'' - [[Mac]]
* ''"I'm interested to see how he does on this new battlefield. I mean, he'll ''do'' fine, but it can be dangerous."'' - [[Mac]]
* ''"Thanks for the liver, mate. I'd promise to look after it, but that would be a lie..."'' - [[Spider]]
== OOC Information ==
== OOC Information ==

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Race Mutant Abhuman
Dynasty Charon's Thunder
Player Griff Williams
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Name: Through Boiling Clouds of Thunder

Dynasty: Charon's Thunder Free Company

Notable Traits: Large; Loud; Seldom far from his distinctive greatsword

Titles: Lord Marshal of the Charon's Thunder Free Company; Painkiller of the Priests of Iudus

Information Known by Arkangel Society

Through Boiling Clouds of Thunder (known, almost invariably, as simply 'Thunder') is a Feral Worlder. That much is obvious from even the most casual of inspections. The precise nature of his homeworld, and his departure therefrom, is information Thunder has yet to openly share with Arkangel Society, but based on his claims that he spent a decade as a slave gladiator, it is safe to assume he did not leave willingly, or under good circumstances. He owes his freedom to Lord Captain Sireena, who purchased it so that he may serve her as a bodyguard and arch-militant. When it became clear that his services were superfluous to the Cerastes Dynasty's activities in the Stygian Abyss, however, he struck out on his own to serve as a mercenary with any Dynasty willing to hire his blade. Over the course of his independence, he has been blessed by the God Emperor with several worthy allies, and together they have secured a Warrant and vessel to forge a new Dynasty in their own strange image.

Although most commonly known for his blunt and aggressive fervour in combat (and the obscene slab of adamantium he wields), Thunder also possesses a surprising depth of expertise in the art of medicae. If his proclivity for grand, bombastic tales is to be believed, he gained such expertise from a genetics tome claimed from an Astartes derelict - given the remarkable sophistication of his gene alchemy, there may be some truth to such claims.


Thunder's biology is, perhaps, one of the worst-kept secrets on Arkangel. Although appearing outwardly Human, Thunder's innards are a mess of redundant organs, boneplate armour and nerve buffers. Whether he is truly a Mutant, or some kind of unsanctioned Abhuman, is a matter of opinion, but Thunder asserts that his lineage is both stable and a subject of great personal pride upon his homeworld. 'Painkillers', as his genetic variance is locally known, are the culmination of a ten-millennia-long effort to reproduce the sacred biology of an Astartes, utilising only selective breeding and controlled exposure to radiomutagens. Impressive as Thunder's hardiness is, they clearly still have a ways to go yet.

Known Associates

Thunder boasts that he has fought for every Dynasty upon Arkangel at least once. Nevertheless, there are a select few with whom he has formed a particularly close bond - most notably, the members of the Free Company:

  • Erasmus Bloom - Encountered during an underdeck tavern brawl aboard Arkangel, Bloom was the first warrior to share in Thunder's vision for a Free Company of mercenaries. The techno-barbarian now relies upon Bloom for his expertise in matters of ritualism and rumour.
  • Lytling Ddraig Aur - First meeting one another in service to the great Brigari Dynasty, Thunder has always held Lytling in the highest regard for his wisdom, honour and combat prowess. He is honoured to call the peerless knight his battle-brother.
  • Skyfall - A foundling recovered from a primitive world, there was an obvious similarity between Thunder and Skyfall's circumstances from the start. He makes no secret that he sees greatness in the young psyker, and will do whatever it takes to ensure she achieves that greatness.
  • Sireena Cerastes - Thunder owes his freedom to Sireena. Though he no longer serves the Cerastes Dynasty, he will always owe a debt to her that is beyond repayment, and holds for her a deep and abiding affection.


Thunder is a fairly open man, apparently lacking any great degree of subtlety and guile. That being said, he is the subject of several small rumours:

  • Thunder practices an excessive degree of hero worship towards the Astartes, greater even than is common in Imperial society.
  • Thunder holds an unspecified but violent grievance against Imperial bureaucracy; his normal good humour is invariably withheld for members of the Administratum.
  • Although straddling the line between Mutant and Abhuman, Thunder displays no visible sanctioning brand.
  • Thunder believes all weapons should be given names; what he calls his own greatsword, however, remains a mystery.


  • "He may seem like a lumbering brute. This is a lie hiding a cunning warrior and loyal friend. There is no-one else I would rather have at my back in a fight." - Maximillion
  • "For someone who is seemingly from a barbaric world they are suitably courteous, more than one would expect. In battle or drawn to anger, he could make a Grox flinch." - Lieutenant-Surgeon Schwarzekappel
  • "My opinion of Thunder? Well, Through-Boiling-Clouds-of-Thunder is a curious alchemy of Feral Worlder and upstanding Imperial citizen: at once caught between the straining balance of those two dichotomies; this, of course, any of us can see. But, just beneath the surface, this diametric admixture has produced in Thunder 'the true adamantium': low cunning, higher intellect, wisdom, bravery, loyalty, and purpose; now, it is these qualities that observers so often underestimate. Oh, all this, and the man is mad; quite fucking mad." - Augustronomos Corophasian-Ingamar-Vicher, Navis-Scion of the House Corophasian.
  • "The irony that one of the youngest of the mon'keigh considers himself eternal still brings me joy each time I wake." - -Ed'wari
  • "Thunder chose me and I chose him back. Don't get to choose your blood but you get to choose your family. A chief that does not let anyone talk badly to them with rudeness, but listens when people argue is a good thing. Cleverer than people think. More cunning hunter than they expect." - -Skyfall
  • "By the Saints Holy Bayonet, wherever he comes from, they make 'em big!." - Cartwright
  • "I'm interested to see how he does on this new battlefield. I mean, he'll do fine, but it can be dangerous." - Mac
  • "Thanks for the liver, mate. I'd promise to look after it, but that would be a lie..." - Spider

OOC Information

Player: Griff Williams

Inspirations: The bastard love-child of Conan the Barbarian and Mad Max, raised on a diet of Heavy Metal

Soundtrack: 80s Heavy Metal, particularly Judas Priest