Augustronomos Corophasian-Ingamar-Vicher

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Name: Augustronomos han Grendel han Polyphemus, out of Sangon Bhet by Barbarus, Corophasian-Ingamar-Vicher.

Dynasty: The Borovich Dynasty.

Notable Traits:

Titles: Navis-Scion of the House Corophasian; the Lady Ingamar, the Lord-Sector Sachern; Keeper of the Annulus Chakhualesh; Navis-Primus of the Borovich Dynasty, Navis-Primus of Zoya's Triumph.

Information Known by Arkangel Society


Known Associates



  • "Extravagant, ostentatious and indulgent without apology, yet still loyal to his friends. He is a true role model to the youth of today." - Maximillion
  • "He has a fine taste in amasec, a finer taste in conversation and an interesting aura." - Ed'wari
  • "Under the outward lair of theatrics, he's a pretty sharp guy. But the outward layer of theatrics is a lot of fun too!" - Mac
  • "Nice smile. Snake eyes. If he speaks to me like that again he will feel my teeth." - Skyfall
  • "He's a Noble but he's not scum. He's saved me a few times and now he's a crewmate, life is good." - Rusev
  • "Does he wear that veil all the time?? - is there anything under it?" - Araq
  • "Remember? We are the grox hound." - Ambrose Cordell Tollman
  • "On one hand...he is Bourgois scum. A decadent pervert, utterly inhuman, a creature fit only for the void he navigates. On the otherhand he has been a friend and offered me wise council. There is old saying on Chernobog, you can be as wicked to some as you are to others. Unfortunatly for some he knows hes essential to us." Arkady Borovich
  • "Few get to live as long as he in the Navigators without being immensely capable, immensely ruthless, or both. The floor show helps too, at least for those not paying attention..." - Friedrich Sternenlicht

OOC Information

Player: Matt McCaul.