Arkady Borovich

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Race Human
Dynasty The Borovich Family
Player [Gerard Kurth]
Arkady Borovich

Name: Arkady Borovich

Dynasty: Borovich

Notable Traits: Former Underhive Ganger

Titles: Lord-Captain, Vory v Zakone

Information Known by Arkangel Society

Borovich was an Underhive gang leader and later served in the Imperial Guard as a penal trooper. He dislikes the Arbites and Administratum. He takes great pride in the fact he 'aquired' his warrant and ship through currently unspecified larceny.


Known Associates



  • "Other dynasties may align more closely with our mission, but I just like the Boroviches, the big man in particular. I can't decide whether he's ruthless but sentimental or sentimental but ruthless." - Mac
  • "The man is scarred and angry, he wears his past on his sleave and is a violent criminal. Apart from that he is a nice guy." - Maximillion
  • "This man is as a father to me. That should tell you all you need to know about how far I would go for him." - Rusev
  • "My name is Arkady somethingsomething Borovich, but you can call me Lord-Captain... you bet your ass I can. No wait, that sounded a lot better in my head..." - Araq
  • "There's definitely more there than we're seeing. More, even, than those who think they have seen it. He is driven by a great deal more than glory, money and friendship." - Victrix
  • "Loud and brash but with a natural talent for leadership, he should have been a Regimental Commander not languishing away as a Penal Legionnaire " - Cartwright
  • "I see what you are doing and a part of me cannot help but respect it, even if it does inconvenience me greatly." - Lord-Captain Sireena Jocasta of the Blood of House Cerastes
  • "Alpha of the whole hunting party. He talks, even the captains listen. People do not argue with him in war. If it means he has proved himself a leader, or if it means he is just strong, I do not know. But people I like like him. So I will trust him. He has been kind to me when he did not have to be." - Skyfall
  • "Our interactions will always be enigmatic. On one hand I respect his compassion and leadership, on the other I only see hatred burn in his eyes, blinding him." - Ed'wari
  • "I have known him all his life, and he reminds me most of Gregori Borovich, his many times removed dedushka. Like Gregori, Arkady is absolutely loyal to family, ruthless in enacting his will, and utterly affable with his friends. Gregori was the first Borovich to earn my loyalty. Arkady has it more than ever. - Magos Karchev
  • "I am certain that I could ambush someone from behind that shield. It would be probably be unwise to ambush the man holding it." - Twigjack
  • "He knows what he is, and has accepted that. Few amongst us can say the same..." - Friedrich Sternenlicht

OOC Information

Player: Gerard Kurth

Inspirations: Gary Oldman in Dracula, Bill the Butcher from Gangs of New York, The Count from Sesame street, every pan-slavic gangster ever

Soundtrack: Retrowave, 70's and 80's Punk