Red Leada

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Race Ork
Dynasty Tollman
Player Phill

Name: Red Leada

Dynasty:Tollman Dynasty

Notable Traits:Ork, Red, Fast

Titles: Flyboi

Information Known by Arkangel Society

A notable presence in the hangar bay for smaller craft and Kommander of Red Skwadron, an attack wing of Fighta-Bombas which have been pimped up over the years. Yet to make planetfall on a full expedition but had great fun shooting down "Kabbagers" in orbit around Augura.



Known Associates

Kaptin TollMan

Feesh Laydee




Some say he spends every spare moment trying to paint the outside of the dynasty ship red.


  • "I have never been so glad I fly my own lander." - Mac
  • "He has a surprising amount of wisdom for one of the dumb greenskins." - Maximillion
  • "Nu-uh, thanks. Awesome as it sounds, and it really does sound awesome in concept, I do not want your genetic legacy memories inside this body. I've heard all about Snorking, and I like this body." - Araq
  • "I don't understand how his aircraft flies but it's damn effective so I try not to think too much about the Xenos ways." Rusev
  • "I'd never met an Ork till I met Red Leada. Nothing about him, his guns, his lander, what he says or does makes any fucking sense and he is much smarter than I thought orks could be. His trainers are true Gopnik though." - Arkady Borovich
  • "Orks are so much more than we realised. And perhaps, through Red Leada, they may one day become more than _they_ realise." - Friedrich Sternenlicht

OOC Information

Player: Phillip Burnham

Inspirations: Deadpool, Maverick, Star-Lord

Soundtrack: Top Gun soundtrack, Deadpool 2 soundtrack, Cher's Greatest Hits