Obstinacy Jones

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Race Human
Dynasty Cerastes
Player Allison Holloway
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Name: Obstinacy "Stacy" Jones

Dynasty: Cerastes

Notable Traits:

  • Irreverence
  • Slackitude


  • Junior Data Analysis Department Secretary
  • Lady of Leisure

Information Known by Arkangel Society

  • Sanctioned psyker
  • Sent by her grandmother, who is connected to Mac in some way.
  • Likes horses.


Known Associates


  • Too cool for school.
  • A spy.


  • "Vibes." - Stacy
  • "I did not enjoy dying, and I don't intend to go through that again any time soon." Stacy
  • "Never have they successfully shrunken a skull and they're definitely not a vengeful person." - Sterling
  • "I do not make friends easily. Stacy's unwavering support and instant charisma are... easy, and I mean that as a compliment" - Alexandra Euphemia Blake
  • "An intriguing new addition to Cerastes. Never met a more laidback individual who vibed quite so much. A rarity out here in the black." - Decius Crane
  • "Refreshing compared to the others out here. And exceedingly funny, especially when others don't realise they're the target of the humour. Also, she's invited me out on a spa and shopping day. I've never done one of those..." - Friedrich Sternenlicht
  • "Funny for a 'data analyst'. One of the good ones, I think." - Rusev
  • "Her personality is noticeable from across the room. I believe the word 'sass' is the most appropriate description." - Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "When he got wind of my plan, he kinda snuck up and gave me some handling instructions on the DL - and was very keen that I not tell her he said anything. It's that second part that says more, perhaps." - Spider
  • "… thank you, Obstinacy. I have not smiled nor laughed so freely in a long time. That is why, and why I would again." - Stenberg
  • "Thanks to her guidance, I have learned much about 'Vibes', and the importance of not being quite so honest. I'd like to think I've shown her that honesty isn't always a bad thing." - Tempus
  • "We've shared an experience that we handled very differently. I look forwards to seeing where our friendship leads." Anahita
  • "Well, all right. That's what I thought." - Mac
  • "It was fun to watch her face when finding out she could not lie in the link. She is going to be a fun one." - Maximillion

OOC Information

Player: Allison Holloway


  • Mavrus the Unschooled from NADDPod
  • St Trinian's

Soundtrack: TBC