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Race Human
Dynasty Rexuz
Player Jodika

Name: See email address above if you're trying to find out Spider's legal name; it isn't hard. You could also try asking her.

Dynasty: Rexuz

Notable Traits: Red bandana, feathers in her hair, frequently some kind of face paint. Her armour and outfits look handmade and pieced-together from wide-ranging travels; furs from species that even she will cheerfully admit she doesn't know the name of, Imperial Guard dogtags, an archaotech Force Sword named Priscilla, bits of shell she claims are from 'the psychic clams of Sidion VIII', etc.

Something like an Arborian accent, but not a strong one - not unless angry or drinking more than usual, anyway.

Titles: The individual known as Spider currently holds no titles officially recognised by Arkangel or the Imperium.

Information Known by Arkangel Society

Spider is an elder Shaman of the Arborians, a tribe of voidfaring nomads found mostly in the Ruhort Sector. [Fluff doc on the Arborian Drifter Fleet coming soon.] This seems to involve practising a kind of totemic religion that she insists is a sanctioned variant of the Imperial Faith.

She's a fierce warrior, and also a scout; for the latter, she tends to prefer the term 'hunter' as more appropriate.

Oh, and she's also a psyker. She seems to enjoy that people actually forget that, whether because she doesn't look like one stood next to Tempus, or because honestly it's one of the least weird things about her - but if pushed, she'll happily show off not one, but two Imperial sanctioning brands. The second is on her chest, and exists because she helpfully asked the guy on the Black Ship wielding the big lump of glowy metal "Not being funny mate, but what happens if my arm gets blowed off?"

Spider practises some kinds of ritual involving the totems - she's not been quiet about having rediscovered her people's pre-Imperial method of testing psykers, and also claims to be able to call on the strength of certain totems in battle sometimes. This is apparently related to the warpaint somehow.


Spider is over a hundred years old, and will happily share this fact, and various stories of her past, with anyone who asks, or is just nearby when she's had a few. She landed on Hera, fought in the Hypatian Crusade, helped avenge the destruction of her planet, and helped her people remain a people through through both the loss of their homeworld, and the subsequent loss of their last remaining leadership... and she's also got a lot of lighter material, largely concerning encounters with strange and exotic critters and/or the consumption of large amounts of intoxicating substances.

"So, I was in the Guard? And I was in the mates' battalions at first, working my way up. I could read and shout so clearly I was officer material, starting working my way up. First deployment as a First Lieutenant, I undergo a late psychic awakening in a live fire situation. Don't actually remember how I got from there to the Black Ship. And the fuckers never told me what happened to my unit."

"Turns out I'm a prodigy or something, Primarus Psyker, and I got attached to this specialist recon team they were putting together, beyond the line shit. That's where I got the name. We're all picking our callsigns? And they're all going with shit like 'Blade' and 'Killer' and fuckin 'Murderdeath' or whatever, so clearly the idea is to just name the scariest damn thing you can think of. So I did. And then Sarge reckoned I should drop the 'dunny' bit."


Fuck knows

Known Associates

The Rexuz Dynasty, the Arborian Drifter Fleet, including the Arborian Free Companies.

Has been spotted talking to that Harlequin quite a bit lately.

Friedrich Sternenlicht is technically her oldest friend. Rumour has it she has deigned to call him something other than some variant of 'Fred the Nerd' perhaps twice in the 100+ years they have known each other.



  • "A smart, level-headed agent who keeps things in perspective. I don't expect that from most people, let alone a psychic shaman commando." - Mac
  • "It is good to see someone so willing to challenge the expected norms, I think with time she will be making some real changes." - Maximillion
  • "I wish I had had more strength to talk to them when they reached out to help me. I will remember the gesture." - Ed'wari
  • "I mean, the amount of times I bit my lip to stop staring at her... no, I meant her spider! And the design on her sheath! I'm going to shut up now. You do understand I lack any reproductive bits?!? Have you even seen the starry design?" - Araq
  • "I remember she used to scare me. Now I'd be glad to have her fighting by my side any day. The woman's tough as old boots and fucking level-headed which is more than I can say for most. Also, she lights my lho-stick with her finger and if that's not classy as all hell I don't know what is." - Victrix
  • "Another adopted child of a broken planet. A world we never saw gave me a home when I had none. For her I suspect it gave something else, something perhaps far more valuable in its own way. A purpose." - Ambrose Cordell Tollman
  • "Smart and notices things others miss but maybe blends a little too well into the shadows when other should pay attention to what she's saying." - Rusev
  • "Not Bad... for a Psycher. Decently trained melee combatant and suitably tough to not need pain relief when patching her up. A solid ally to have" - Oberarzt Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "Solid Guard! The brash strength of Arboria, tempered by her calling as a shaman and sneaky to boot! I'd poach her from Rexuz' command in a heartbeat if I could." - Cartwright
  • "We few. Not Tyranid, not the Iron Star, not anything that has been thrown at us can stop we few who remain." - Friedrich Sternenlicht
  • "*contented lizard noises*." - Regimental Mascot Elizabeth
  • "That was my favourite liver." - Thunder
  • "Spider has always been a survivor - that is what I cherish. When I see her ready for war, I am steady.." - Sweetwater

OOC Information

Player: Jodika