Lady Navigator-Captain Victrix Raltus

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Race Navis Nobilite
Dynasty House Kasputin
Player Raye Millington
Victrix Raltus.jpg


Name: Victrix Raltus

Dynasty: House Kasputin

Notable Traits: Navigator

Titles: Lady Navigator-Captain of the House Kasputin

Information Known by Arkangel Society

Victrix and her First Officer Captain Cartwright were amongst those present with the Iron Star Consortium some century or so ago. Upon leaving Hera, their ship, the Pulchra Nimis was caught in the path of a warp storm, leading them to become lost within. Through a great effort both on the part of Victrix and her father, Iepynimies, the ship translated violently from the warp and into the Ruhrort Sector once more.

What, for them, has been only three weeks, had in fact, been over 100 years for everyone else.

With their Lord-Captain dead, Victrix was adopted by the dynasty, naturally grateful to have their flagship back, however banged up it might have been as a result. With the promise of their support, Victrix agreed to take the ship, newly rechristened "The Conception of Hope" beyond the Maw of Nir to seek fortune for the dynasty beyond. After installing her father as Navis Primus and promoting Cartwright to First Officer, Victrix spent the next few weeks travelling in order to find herself a skilled field crew she could rely on. It is during this time that she met Twigjack, Merezkho and Azrael, all of whom have become invaluable to her since.

It is clear that her crew are as loyal to her as she is to them. She is proud, headstrong and determined, but with a wisdom well beyond her years and a capability that means she is equally as able to hold her own in a situation as any of her crew.

Recent Events

On the Planet Grigio, central base of the Confederacy of Human Interests in the Stygian Abyss sector, Victrix was confronted with her own death. A demon named Truth, held captive by the Fugi Animi warmed her of her impending doom. Later that same day, she received a vision, and knew her time had come. Knowing she could not inform her crew, lest they die too, she painfully took them to a ruin, under the guise of securing the evident warp threat that had called out to her. She felt powerless as she obediently solved the puzzle before her and knowingly unleashed a powerful demon that had been trapped there for time untold.

Her crew watched in aim and horror as the demon laid waste to Twigjack, scattering him in millions of pieces throughout the Galaxy, and then violent beat Victrix to death, all the while making sure that each treacherous word it spoke would pierce and twist Cartwright’s heart. The demon then reanimated Victrix, and issuing one final challenge to Cartwright, left with her, condemning her to the Immaterium and servitude.

Her crew are now united in their task to find their Lady-Captain and restore Twigjack, no matter what it takes. For now, the Kasputin Dynasty rests in Cartwright’s hands.


Kellan Raltus

Iepynimies Raltus

Known Associates

Captain Cartwright - her First Officer and oldest friend, their relentless banter betrays a deep friendship and firm bond.

Twigjack - a borderline heretical admech she appears to be stuck with, though this seems to be less unpalatable than it has been.

Datasmith Merezkho - a capable member of the Adeptus Mechanicus who's relative innocence and loyalty is endearing.

Lieutentant-Surgeon Azrael - a skilled surgeon with a love for demolitions and land mines that is deeply concerning.

Pip - a friend from before the warp incident, Victrix holds a great amount of fondness for Pip.

Augustronomos - an old friend of her father's and her "god-emperor father", Victrix is more fond of him than she would care to admit.

Araquiel - a newer friend of Victrix's, she enjoys his company and humour and always values his presence in the field.



  • "I acted in haste, and by so doing I condemned that poor woman to investigating Gygax's area. I'll never be able to repay that debt." - Mac
  • "On the outside she does not appear to reach the depth of excess that some navigators do, then I heard of her 'Tentacle fun room' truly a woman one should get to know." - Maximillion
  • "Don't really know her but her crew seem pretty scared of her whenever she tells them what to do so maybe she's doing things right. Her coat is spot on too, I wonder how much it cost." Rusev
  • "She has a quiet strength to her that I much admire and her crew seem to respect her a great deal which also speaks well of her. She is also a woman who knows how to dress with style and that should never be underestimated." - Lord-Captain Sireena Jocasta of the Blood of House Cerastes
  • "I do enjoy working with the Lady-Captain. I had run out of people to eviscerate and things are much more interesting now." - Twigjack
  • "I will find her and I will save her." - Cartwright
  • ”I am lost. I am not gone.” - Victrix
  • "I have felt the taint of that which took her. I will not stand to see her stay in it's hands." - Maximillion
  • "I...Will...Not... Fail...again" - Oberarzt Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "If anyone can survive what she has gone through and return, then it is the Lady Navigator-Captain. I only hope that I will not have to kill her if she does." - Friedrich Sternenlicht
  • "I have been told the Lady Captain may yet return. If this had been said of someone less ferociously tenacious, I would think it merely denial." - Thunder
  • "Shit. I will be there, when it is time - if your family don't not-want me there." - Araquiel

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Player: Raye Milington


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