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Race Human
Dynasty Cerastes
Player Mark

Name: Emsat Praxides Stenberg.

Dynasty: Cerastes.

Notable Traits:

Titles: Missionary, Cerastes Head of Chaplaincy, Exorcist (retired).

Information Known by Arkangel Society

  • Newly arrived through the Maw. Carries a worn but ornate thunder hammer.


  • Born on Terra, biological parentage not recorded, officially a Ward of The Ecclesiarchy.

Known Associates


  • Was 'asked' to 'retire'.
  • Has not retired at all.
  • Came through the Maw as a punishment.
  • His name is on the roll of candidates for Ecclesiarch.
  • Has worked alongside the Inquisition.
  • Has exorcised Inquisitors.
  • Has been invited inside The Imperial Palace.
  • Refused to enter The Imperial Palace.
  • Has undergone more life-extension than he remembers.
  • Has undergone more mind-wiping than he knows.
  • Still knows too much.
  • Still cares about humanity.
  • Gives precisely zero fucks about anything anymore.


  • "The hammer that shatters that which is glass... tempers that which is steel." - Emsat Stenberg
  • "It was good enough for the martyrs and it's good enough for me." - Lord-Captain Macharius Malvoisin
  • "Their faith is clear enough that I knew he was of the cloth before being introduced. I was not disappointed when I was. He will be an asset to the Fleet I have no doubt." - Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "Finally! Some good, old-fashioned, fire and brimstone preaching. I like this man already." - Rusev
  • "Seems like a proper "psalms and bayonets type" Preacher. Good" - Cartwright
  • "Quiet, at least to me. I did notice him listening into one of my conversations with the other preacher. I suspect I will not enjoy the silence forever." - Ed'wari
  • "I did not realise I missed that kind of certainty. When he spoke during the memorial, for a little while, I forgot how complicated everything is out here. It was nice." - Rafi
  • "A fine Orator. He will make a fine addition to the fleet. We will have need of such a man in future" - Arkady Borovich
  • "Refreshingly a man of pure faith. I am interested to see how long that it lasts." - Maximillion

OOC Information

Player: Mark Fairbrother.

Inspirations: Patriarchs Bergsten & Emban from The Elenium & The Tamuli by David Eddings.

Soundtrack: Gregorian Chant, the charge of the Rohirrim