Erasmus Bloom

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Race Human
Dynasty Charons Thunder
Player Andrew MacAdam
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Name: Erasmus Bloom

Dynasty: Charons Thunder Free Company

Notable Traits:

Titles: Steward for the Dead

Information Known by Arkangel Society

A former ravager pilot who defected to work as a mercenary on Arkangel. Fell in with Through-clouds-of-boiling-thunder and has been with the Lord-Marshall ever since.


Known Associates


Lytling Ddraig Aur

Skyfall Ddraig Aur

The Dancing Spectre



  • "I mean, bad and wrong and heresy, obviously. But we'll need to talk more. Cuz there is a chance an Imperial seal of approval is the only real difference between us." - Spider
  • "A man with charm and class, a great tailor and an even better dealer. I am glad to call him friend." - Maximillion
  • "Blue...? Blue." - Skyfall, still learning Low-Gothic.
  • "Blue is my brother. He is a witch too. Just a different kind. A man of God. Just a different kind. Who cares what colour the chair is?" - Skyfall
  • "As all of us here, he is more than he seems. And very adept at finding secrets. If he is wise he will not seek mine." - Friedrich Sternenlicht
  • "Intelligent, with a valuable outsider's perspective. For people like that, this job is a balancing act. He's done well so far." - Mac
  • "I know no man smarter than Bloom. He came to Arkangel with nary a coin to his name. Then I blinked, and he was as rich as a Rogue Trader." - Thunder
  • "See your path and walk now your eyes are open." - Ed'wari
  • "A friend to me even when he probably should not be." - Maximillion

OOC Information

Player: Andrew MacAdam-Subedi