Severina Von Den Tötten

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Race Human
Dynasty Gaius
Player [mailto: Kate McAlister]

Name: Severina Von Den Tötten (Sev)

Dynasty: Gaius Dynasty

Notable Traits: Combat medic


Information Known by Arkangel Society

A surgeon relitavley new to archangel serving as the medic for the Gaius dynasty. Despite being abnormally pale with odd violet eyes she claims to be well within the accepted genetic variance tolerances of her home planet. She is often found inebriated in one of the bars on archangel when not working and seems to rarely be sober.


Daughter of the noble lord Mortitian Amitiel Von Den Tötten of Mortus.

Known Associates


Is a mutant


  • "Sev is a competent enough surgeon and skilled researcher. They have repeatedly claimed to not care about their patients and crew. I feel they are in store for some harsh lessons in the future" - Oberarzt Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "It always surprises me when I meet a pleasant new person, out here. I hope she keeps it." - Araquiel

OOC Information

Player: Kate McAlister

Inspirations: All creepy Mad science doctor's, grave robber from repo, a bit of pre heresy fabius bile

Soundtrack: Something classical