Oberarzt Azrael Schwarzekappel

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Race Human
Dynasty Kasputin
Player Harland Quarmby
Update Archive Image: Remembrancer Smith

Name: Azrael Schwarzekappel

Dynasty: Kasputin

Notable Traits: Has a Strong desire to entrench and utilize land mines in almost all circumstances

Titles: O̶b̶e̶r̶a̶r̶z̶t̶ ̶(̶L̶i̶e̶u̶t̶e̶n̶a̶n̶t̶-̶S̶u̶r̶g̶e̶o̶n̶)̶ Oberfeldarzt (Lieutenant-Colonel Surgeon)

Information Known by Arkangel Society

A competently trained Veteran Field Surgeon from the Kolechian 14th Heavy Siege Regiment. The 14th were disbanded after catastrophic losses caused by a Tau strike-force on the world of Korista


From the planet of Kolechia, a world of similar circumstance and culture to that of the Famed Death Korps of Krieg

Known Associates

Currently in service to the Kasputin Dynasty


  • - Azrael drinks at a pub called the Bucket and Flashlight where one corner has a blast proof table and sandbags for a chair.
  • - Azrael is a clone that arrived in a crate with several others
  • - Azrael once had a wife, who died with the rest of his regiment
  • - Azrael is dormant most of the time and is only active when he can smell blood


  • "Despite the dangerous quantities of explosives he carries on his person, I cannot help but feel an almost religious sense of reassurance when I see Azrael crossing the battlefield, entrenching tool in hand. I know he has made this patch of earth ours." - Thunder
  • "Field surgery is a risky business, especially the way we do it. Schwarzekappel would be justified staying in the rear with the gear, but he doesn't. You gotta respect that." - Mac
  • "Scary at first. Soldier's uniform. Needles and knives. He is a good doctor and a good man. I feel safe to see him near." - Skyfall
  • "A good Officer and medico, as solid as they come and I cant think of any greater praise for a member of the Militarum." - Cartwright
  • "Apart from an in my opinion unprofessional need to dull the pain of his medical procedure. I find it hard to not respect a man who will mine everything wtih such vigour." - Maximillion
  • "Guy has an unhealthy love of blowing things up, for someone who spent time in trenches trying not to get blown up. Still - top bloke!" - Araq
  • "I do wish he'd stop trying to place mines all over the damn ship..." - Victrix
  • "It was most unusual helping somebody keep their organs together, but I am glad the Lieutenant-Surgeon told me how to hold the clamp." - Twigjack
  • "More than one person amongst the fleet owes this man their life. They best pay up when it's time to collect on that debt." - Rusev
  • "The Standard Pattern Hug, it was missing something but the thought was nice." - Maximillion
  • "I am told that in some cultures 'Azrael' is an angel of death. It is a pleasing irony that we all now look to Azrael to keep us alive. There are many great healers amongst us, but none greater than he." - Thunder
  • " With him around I can focus on my duties and don't need to act as a surgeon. He has it all under control in the medbay. " - Sterling
  • " Keeps a wary eye on me. But those same eyes twinkle with a Haemonculi's curiosity and inquisitive nature when he handles his medical tools." - Ed'wari
  • "If this man fell, there's a good chance we would all fall." - Araquiel
  • "Party Favour! Hah! The Doc is picking up some Britannicus Battle-Cant" - Cartwright
  • "He was greatly missed when not at our last deployment. The other medics all just seemed to fall apart without his guidance." - Maximillion
  • "I owe him more than I can possibly articulate." - Krauss
  • "He's very...forceful. Also he calls me Lady Blair which is extremely confusing." - Artemisia Minerva Tabbris Blair
  • "If he can't bring you back, you're dead as hell. Bedside manner could use some improvement, though." - Mac
  • "I doubt Azrael will ever lose a patient under his peerless care. But if he did, I suspect he would besiege the afterlife itself until their soul was ransomed." - Thunder
  • "My hands are much more steady with his guidance and instruction." - Sterling
  • "He is a strong unyeilding beacon, knowing he is there makes our camps feal a lot safer." - Maximillion

OOC Information

Player: Harland Quarmby

Inspirations: Death Korps of Krieg Infantry