Orderly Officer Charles Bernard Sterling

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Race Human
Dynasty House Victoria
Player Gavin Sharp
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Name: Charles Bernard Sterling

Dynasty: Victoria

Notable Traits: Pretoria style uniform and Pipe


Information Known by Arkangel Society

Faithful 'Batman' to the current Lord Captain of the Pride of Victoria, Romeles Blair.

Youngest child of the Sterling line and as with all the youngest in this family they are sent to serve under the holder of the Pride of Victoria's warrant. Dedicated to this line of service as more than just a career he hold true faith in his Lord Captain.

A master taxidermist he spends his free hours stuffing the trophies of his Lord Captain


Known Associates



  • "I've never seen Sterling respond to a desperate situation with anything other than a sort of cheerful, unhurried efficiency. Either he's got nerves of steel or he's dipping into his medical supplies and not sharing, the selfish bastard." - Mac
  • "He is utterly loyal, I hope that his lord captain appreciates fully what he has in him." - Maximillion
  • "I would love to have tea and cake with this guy, and just listen to the stories he must know!" - Araq
  • "He was rather cheerful and smiley as he broke my ribs to re-set them" - Cartwright
  • "To smile in the face of death is a trait I can admire." - Rusev
  • "Hah! He was blushing! Good on him, what! I hope that all works out" * - Cartwright
  • "An upper lip so stiff it can deflect small-calibre bullets. Even as worlds are ending, he remains as bright and nurturing as the sun." - Thunder
  • "He's just the Best! Made such deals that Rommy couldn't possibly be cross and then bought me a trophy room of my very own for the ship!!" - Artemisia Minerva Tabbris Blair
  • "Just....tell me we couldn't have saved her! Tell me!" - Artemisia Minerva Tabbris Blair, seeking reassurance after granting the God-Emperor's mercy to a soul-damaged woman.
  • "Stirling certainly knows how to reprimand those under his command. I don't know what Sixies did but that speech made me want to fix bayonets and purge the enemy." - Oberarzt Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "One of the most dependable men I have ever known, he is a credit to his House and will make a fine Lord-Captain one day if he wants it." - Rusev
  • " If I ever doubted I was interpreting the prophecy correctly, this Cresistauead changed that forever" - Ed'wari
  • "Has true depth, below the veneer. And it is a good veneer, too." - Araquiel
  • "Don't worry I wont tell anyone about the 'second spleen' incident." - Maximillion
  • "A solid friend, I've got his back whenever, though it would appear Im as prone to the odd medical error as he is . . ." * - Cartwright
  • "A man of impeccable faith, dependancy and humour. Our company is vastly improved by his presence." - Krauss
  • "A lot more would be dead without him." - Friedrich Sternenlicht
  • "Always on hand with a cup of tea and a lho stick, sometimes when faced with utter horror, it is these little things that matter the most." - Ambrose Cordell Tollman
  • "The most ruffled I've ever seen him was at the idea of mismatched china, and this was on a day in which he lost his arm, which of course he completely took in his stride." - Alexandra Euphemia Blake
  • "Hey, hey Sterling? I know your first name now...." - Artemisia Minerva Tabbris Blair, gesturing to the board of medics established by Oberarzt Azrael Schwarzekappel with a profound amount of glee
  • "I do not know this word 'butler', but it must surely mean some combination of great warrior, wise healer, and good friend." - Thunder
  • "While you stand, I will always have a place for you. While I stand, you will never be a slave." - Romeles Uriel Corinthian Blair
  • "Going to fix him up with a Britannicus prosthetic, only the best for that man, he deserves it." - Cartwright
  • "A gentlemans, gentleman. Spending tiem with him makes me want to stiffen my upper lip." - Maximillion
  • "Reliable and competent officer. Even missing one arm he is fully effective. We need more of this mans quality." - Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "One day, not too distant from now, I suspect he will be among the martyrs being prayed for - such is his bent for self-sacrifice." - Missionary Stenberg
  • "I need to remember what Sterling with no filter is like, because he seems very determined to keep that filter up as much as possible without external intervention." - Artemisia Minerva Tabbris Blair
  • "For all that spit and polish, he understands the truth of people like us" - Cartwright
  • "Has earned himself the highest compliment I can give. I like him." - Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "I will remember to not fight fair next time, he is too good with a blade for that." - Rusev
  • "We're supposed to say that kind of nonsense to get the young men marching. We're not supposed to believe it." - Mac
  • "His Lord Captain is surely a man of taste and discretion. They provided perfect gifts." - Maximillion
  • "Makes the finest of tea and an absolute gentleman. Not above a bit of interfering with fights though..." - Decius Crane
  • "He understands duty the way I do, and is always forgiving when I stumble. Now if only I could get him to stop treating other people when he's gravely injured himself..." - Alexandra Euphemia Blake
  • "Aren't they just precious." - Stacy
  • "Serves others to a fault, even when suffering from a damn red line he was tending to others. He needs a reeducation in Field triage" - Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "I would very much like to spend more time getting to know you. For my good… and, I fear, for yours." - Stenberg
  • "He floods a cargo container so I can feel at home on Romy's ship, and makes an excellent cup of tea. I wasn't so keen with the whole surprise blood aspect of it, but I can see his soul in all he does, and why he does it." Anahita
  • "Fun and loyal chap that knows the value of his soul." - Maximillion

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