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* ''"Like their namesake I think they have waited patiently, still and unmoving until it is time to strike. Where I am from, this is a portent of great change. I watch with interest."'' - [[Ed'wari Ky'mn|Ed'wari]]
* ''"Like their namesake I think they have waited patiently, still and unmoving until it is time to strike. Where I am from, this is a portent of great change. I watch with interest."'' - [[Ed'wari Ky'mn|Ed'wari]]
* ''"We go way back. Usually, I work for anyone who'll pay me. But right now, I need something money can't buy. For that kind of thing, you need someone like Spider."'' - [[Sgt. Iago Lennon|Sgt. Iago Lennon]]
* ''"We go way back. Usually, I work for anyone who'll pay me. But right now, I need something money can't buy. For that kind of thing, you need someone like Spider."'' - [[Sgt. Iago Lennon|Sgt. Iago Lennon]]
* ''"Mind that Saint inverted. It will be your downfall."'' - [[Ambrose Cordell Tollman]]
== OOC Information ==
== OOC Information ==

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Race Human
Dynasty Summers
Player Jodika

Name/titles: Lord-Captain Daisy Summers, Siren of House Ingamar


Lord-Shaman Spider Daisy of the Drifter Fleet

Her people aren't much for titles; in fact, amongst at least two of the Drifter Fleet's most populous subcultures, giving someone their full and proper title is difficult to do without sounding sarcastic. Her people mostly call her Spider Daisy (Daisy for short), while the worthies of Arkangel generally know her as Spider.

Dynasty: Summers

Notable Traits: Red bandana, feathers in her hair, frequently some kind of face paint. Her armour and outfits look handmade and pieced-together from wide-ranging travels; furs from species that even she will cheerfully admit she doesn't know the name of, Imperial Guard dogtags, an archaotech Force Sword named Priscilla, bits of shell she claims are from 'the psychic clams of Sidion VIII', etc.

Something like an Arborian accent, but not a strong one, and one that's undergone a certain amount of drift over the years.

Imperial sanctioning brand on the top-left of her chest. Phoenix tattoo on right arm. Copper-brown Idyllorian bionic where her left arm used to be.

Titles held: Rogue Trader; Colonel of the Imperial Guard; 'Siren of House Ingamar'

Information Known by Arkangel Society

Spider belongs to the Arborians, a loose-knit collection of voidfaring nomadic warrior tribes found within the Ruhort Sector and on the edges of Imperial Space. The Arborians and their sister tribes make up the Drifter Fleet, an eclectic spacebourne collective of peoples and individuals faithful to the Imperium, but without a place within it to call home. She describes her role amongst her people as 'Shaman', although it's far from immediately clear what that means.

She's ex-Guard, and has served as an ordinary Trooper, a scout, an officer in a Recon division, and latterly, in a beyond-the-Line special operations search and rescue unit. Today she'd describe herself as a warrior and a hunter - but this seems to be idiosyncratic terminology for much the same skill set. Oh, and she's also a psyker. She seems to enjoy that people actually forget that, whether because she doesn't look like one stood next to some of the psykers you get on Arkangel, or because honestly it's one of the least weird things about her. In general, she gives the impression of taking the horrors she's witnessed and experienced in the Imperium with a cheerful or at least sanguine acceptance of their necessity, and of being deeply faithful in her particular colourful fashion.

Medical Peculiarities

By now, most of the medics aboard Arkangel are aware of Spider's particular awkwardnesses as a patient, namely:

that Spider is, on the inside, somewhere between thirty and forty percent composed of half-rusted-out bionics whose quality can best be described by imagining the amount of money the Imperial Guard cares to spend on a psyker, then remembering that most of them are over 100 years old and don't get serviced that often

that she has minor brain and extensive nerve damage dating back to her Sanctioning aboard the Black Ships, dulling her ability to feel pain. This is perhaps beneficial in the heat of battle - it avoids pain-induced loss of control of psychic powers, for one thing - but for the medics, it's annoying, as it means she will often fail to realise the severity of her injuries.


Spider has a lot of stories that tend to come out when she's had a few. She landed on Hera, fought in the Hypatian Crusade, helped avenge the destruction of her planet, and helped her people remain a people through through both the loss of their homeworld, and the subsequent loss of their last remaining leadership... and she's also got a lot of lighter material, largely concerning encounters with strange and exotic critters and/or the consumption of large amounts of intoxicating substances.


Fuck knows

Known Associates

Her stepsons Bruce and Azzie are Arborian Free Company mercenaries, as was her husband Jason before he passed.

Fred the Nerd is technically her oldest friend. He really hates being called that.

Sergeant Rolento, sometimes seen around Arkangel, is her old sergeant and occasional drinking buddy.

Seems to have taken the 'the psyker' of the Rexuz dynasty, Tempers under her wing. He has lately been seen wearing a red bandana and drinking a noxious concoction out of a blue and yellow tin.

Introduced the Port Minervan mercenary Lenno to the impolite society of Arkangel. The two seem to go back a ways.

Damo McCoy, aka Baby Doc - well, they're definitely up to something. Even if she is old enough to be his grandma.

Inexpertly flew a stealth lander into the wilderness of a Necron planet to retrieve Carters after he went walkabout. Was later appointed Colonel for Scouts and Psykers under the Lord-Commander of Imperial Guard forces beyond the Maw.

Was given a Warrant of Trade and a pleasure yacht by Ana. How Spider's Lord-Captaincy plays into the schemes of Navigatorial House Ingamar is, as yet, unknown.


  • Seen drinking in a secluded booth of a bar called Masterclass on Arkangel with Ed'wari.
  • Spider has not been quiet about having rediscovered her people's pre-Imperial method of testing psykers, since Arkangel's encounters with people like Skyfall made it clear that such a thing might be needed.


  • "A smart, level-headed agent who keeps things in perspective. I don't expect that from most people, let alone a psychic shaman commando." - Mac
  • "It is good to see someone so willing to challenge the expected norms, I think with time she will be making some real changes." - Maximillion
  • "I wish I had had more strength to talk to them when they reached out to help me. I will remember the gesture." - Ed'wari
  • "I mean, the amount of times I bit my lip to stop staring at her... no, I meant her spider! And the design on her sheath! I'm going to shut up now. You do understand I lack any reproductive bits?!? Have you even seen the starry design?" - Araq
  • "I remember she used to scare me. Now I'd be glad to have her fighting by my side any day. The woman's tough as old boots and fucking level-headed which is more than I can say for most. Also, she lights my lho-stick with her finger and if that's not classy as all hell I don't know what is." - Victrix
  • "Another adopted child of a broken planet. A world we never saw gave me a home when I had none. For her I suspect it gave something else, something perhaps far more valuable in its own way. A purpose." - Ambrose Cordell Tollman
  • "Smart and notices things others miss but maybe blends a little too well into the shadows when other should pay attention to what she's saying." - Rusev
  • "Not Bad... for a Psycher. Decently trained melee combatant and suitably tough to not need pain relief when patching her up. A solid ally to have" - Oberarzt Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "Solid Guard! The brash strength of Arboria, tempered by her calling as a shaman and sneaky to boot! I'd poach her from Rexuz' command in a heartbeat if I could." - Cartwright
  • "We few. Not Tyranid, not the Iron Star, not anything that has been thrown at us can stop we few who remain." - Friedrich Sternenlicht
  • "*contented lizard noises*." - Regimental Mascot Elizabeth
  • "That was my favourite liver." - Thunder
  • "Spider has always been a survivor - that is what I cherish. When I see her ready for war, I am steady.." - Sweetwater
  • "Behind Spider's tough exterior is an even tougher interior. Though do not mistake her toughness for cruelty. She is one of the kindest people I know. I aspire to be more like her one day. I just want to make her proud." - Tempus
  • "Spider is making the all-important transition from weirdo to Queen of the Weirdoes." - Mac
  • "Thank you for finding him when I couldn't." - Artemisia Minerva Tabbris Blair
  • "I'd heard much of the Arborians, and suspected most of it was exaggerated. Then I met Spider, and realised most of it was in fact understated." - Thunder
  • "Saved my life and called me a mad cunt, I think that's pretty much the Arborian equivalent of getting the Star of Terra. I'm looking forward to working with her more" - Cartwright
  • "What has been done may be wisdom or greatly foolish. I will find out." - Maximillion
  • "competent of purpose and action. Energetic of purpose and has the quirks of the Arborian people. She has earned my respect so far" - Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "Much, so very much more than she seems and than any description could convey. This group is truly blessed by her presence." - Missionary Stenberg
  • "High Shaman! Excellent title to go with an excellent singing voice! That came as a beautiful surprise to hear." - Artemisia Minerva Tabbris Blair
  • "Called it." - Lord Captain Macharius Malvoisin
  • " Has demonstrated herself to be a fierce duelist, a cunning assassin and possessing of a heart worthy of a Lord Captain " - Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "Bloody "Spiders" all over the show, even found on hiding under the lid in the ablutions, glad they were only paper. I'd hate to piss her off so much that she was trying to kill me, I'd never see it coming." - Cartwright
  • "Deadly yet spiritual. I look forward to seeing how she runs her new Dynasty. With a righteous yet vicious hand I expect. " - Sterling
  • "I may not always agree with her actions and choices but I always enjoy the discussions about them." - Maximillion
  • "Like their namesake I think they have waited patiently, still and unmoving until it is time to strike. Where I am from, this is a portent of great change. I watch with interest." - Ed'wari
  • "We go way back. Usually, I work for anyone who'll pay me. But right now, I need something money can't buy. For that kind of thing, you need someone like Spider." - Sgt. Iago Lennon
  • "Mind that Saint inverted. It will be your downfall." - Ambrose Cordell Tollman

OOC Information

Player: Jodika

Inspirations: Season 1 Arborians. Rambo. Granny Weatherwax. Adrian Pimento. How fucked-up the Imperial Faith is. Bindi Irving. A honey badger.

Soundtrack: Spotify Playlist