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* Has a favoured Xenos consort
* Has a favoured Xenos consort
[[File:TollmanStarseeker.JPG|200px|thumb|right|Lord Captain Tollman and Ynnebrae Starssker]]
[[File:TollmanStarseeker.JPG|200px|thumb|right|Lord Captain Tollman and Ynabrae Starssker]]
== Quotes ==
== Quotes ==

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Race Human
Dynasty House Tollman
Player Jamie Smith

Name: Ambrose Cordell Tollman

Dynasty: House Tollman

Notable Traits: Unnaturally youthful for a man of his age, excessive hat.

Titles: Lord Captain, Inquisitor (Excommunicate), Preceptor, Sentinel of Arkangel, Nemesis of Daemonkind.

Lord Captain Tollman

Information Known by Arkangel Society

  • Tollman undertakes some sort of obscure duty linked to the protection of Arkangel and is well compensated by the station for such.
Tollman brooding


  • The son and heir of no one of particular import
Tollman talks at the Captains' Table

Known Associates

Tollman in his battle regalia


  • Tollman was once a member of the Inquisition and perhaps still is.
  • Was once apparently kicked off Arkangel for exposing a Genestealer cult in the hull.
  • Has a favoured Xenos consort
Lord Captain Tollman and Ynabrae Starssker


  • "I know men like you, the way you know men like me and I know you would not have done this if you believed there was the least chance of it coming back on you. Well guess what? It has come back on you like the hand of Him on the Throne." - Tollman to a suspect during interrogation
  • "For a guy who quit his job in the secret police to become a space pirate, Tollman is a real solid citizen. I owe him one, in a non-binding kind of way." - Mac
  • "One of my oldest and only surviving friends, of Lord-Captain Ambrose Tollman I say only this: you will rarely meet a Champion of the Most-Holy God-Emperor so brutalised by tribulations and terrors, and yet also so undefeated by them. In Tollman's steadfast nature, there are lessons of betterment for us all to heed, regardless of our station." - Augustronomos Corophasian-Ingamar-Vicher, Navis-Scion of the House Corophasian.
  • "Tollman is the keystone of Arkangel. Without his wisdom and fortitude, I fear we would all surely crumble." - Thunder
  • "A good man, he has a dark past that has torn apart his soul and still he carries on helping others. I do not think I could be the same in his place." - Maximillion
  • "We have our uses for each other." -Ed'wari
  • "Tollman needs to learn to trust so he can teach. Otherwise what will happen if he dies? Very kind to me and very cold at the same time. He has done many hard things because he did not want other people to have to, and he is wounded by that." - Skyfall
  • "Terrifying fellow! suppose that makes sense though given his life, still, I wouldn't want to cross wits or weapons with him." - Cartwright
  • "I'm just sayin, I called it. Only met him a couple times when it happened, but they said he was going psyker - which, I like the bloke and all, usually, but that was fuckin' karma - and right away I was like 'telepath'. He's just the type, y'know?" - Spider
  • "Stomping around in his big coat and his big hat and big boots... and yet to see him do anything. Heard a lot, though." - Araq
  • "Not sure I'd trust an ex-Inquisitor completely but he's put the hard graft in for the people around him so maybe he's not all bad." - Rusev
  • "An interesting man with an interesting past, though I must admit I care less about that than I do about what he intends to do from here on in." - Lord-Captain Sireena Jocasta of the Blood of House Cerastes
  • "In another life he might have been a true enemy. Lucky for us both we are not living our old lives." - Arkady Borovich
  • "Tollman is man who has seen many things, not all good. Maybe this is why he surrounds him with interesting comrades. However, he is effective in what he does, that at least should be respected." - Magos Karchev
  • "I may not always like him, but I trust him implicitly and will follow where he leads. That would be the case even if he were not my Lord-Captain." - Friedrich Sternenlicht
  • "I won't do to you what they do." - Erasmus Bloom
  • "I'm going to owe Tollman a great deal by the time we get Victrix back, I'm thankful for his help, his experience in these matters will light the way" - Cartwright
  • "OK, revision time... seems to know how to get shit done, and not care much about anything unrelated to what he wants to see done. I wonder, what has he been through to have such ruthless respect for his own time?" - Araquiel
  • "He knew the real enemy when it presented itself and put it down like the dog it was." - Rusev
  • "Our bond transcends mere oath. I respect and trust him and I have promises to keep." - Ed'wari
  • "I understand him, how you could grow to be like he is, I wish I did not." - Maximillion
  • "He has shown the ruthlessness of a Commissar and the skill set of a Black Ops officer. It is a good thing he working with us." - Oberarzt Azrael Schwarzekappel

OOC Information

Player: Jamie Smith

Inspirations: Hector Barbossa


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