Magos Karchev

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Race Human
Dynasty The Borovich Family
Player James Watson
Magos Karchev

Name: Magos Karchev

Dynasty: Borovich

Notable Traits: Heavily augmented, being more function over form

Titles: Magos, Enginseer Prime of the Zoyas Triumph, Vor

Information Known by Arkangel Society

  • A relatively aged and orthodox member of the Cult Mechanicus, he has been a loyal member of the Borovich family for many years.


  • None of any import

Known Associates


  • His old and clunky augments belie a suprising amount of strength, speed and combat prowess.
  • Has been married multiple times.
  • Babushka Borovich has a hefty crush on him.


  • "He may look more machine than man, but he is 100% crotchety old grandpa in his heart." - Maximillion
  • "I remember Karchev when I was a boy. He is still the same grumpy old bastard. He is like old Chernobog autogun. Is heavy. Is ugly. Always always works when you need. If you have no ammo left it makes a really good club." * -Arkady Borovich
  • "Karchev is as tough as an old boot and about as friendly. Dependable, though, which I guess is another quality of an old boot." - Mac
  • "Karchev has been around for very long time, toughest man I know, and I know Arkady. I think he'll see the next generation too." - Rusev
  • He might be made of metal, but he has been very kind to me. He has lots of things he knows to share. His hand is weird though." - Skyfall
  • "Fellow seems to weigh a ton, nearly gave myself a hernia trying to treat him. That being said, pound for pound, he is better than most Cogboys I have met, that grumpiness of his makes him more human and, oddly enough, more likable" - Cartwright
  • "I can see what he has given up to get this far. Few wear their sacrifices so openly." - Friedrich Sternenlicht
  • "He says he'll fix up an archaeotech jetbike for me so I can race Ed'wari. Now all I have to do is find an archaeotech jetbike!" - Artemisia Minerva Tabbris Blair
  • "Seeing Karchev's face when I told him about the STC made it all worth it." - Rusev
  • "Is very convenient to perform brain surgery on as portions of their cranium are removable. Not a standard issue tech-priest but suitably agreeable" - Oberarzt Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "He seems to sincerely love his family. More than all the metal he has placed into his body, this, I think, is what makes him so very strong." - Thunder
  • " Frustrating. Rude. Dedicated. Loyal. I hope the Borovitch dynasty miss him when he is little more than a servitor." - Ed'wari
  • "Still unsure, if he knows or not. Still can't trust him. Annoyingly... I want to." - Araquiel
  • "He is a bit inflexible. I hope that the metal in his body does not cause him to snap rather than bend." - Maximillion
  • "A sterling example and a reminder of why I am here." - Friedrich Sternenlicht
  • "I admire your clarity of purpose, your hatred. But these things blinker you and one day that shall be your undoing." - Ambrose Cordell Tollman
  • "He sought to redeem a fellow Magos even as a star was dying and worlds hung in the balance. That is more than dogma; that is true faith." - Thunder
  • "The old man still functions after all that. Opa!" - Rusev
  • "Terrible jokes" - Alexandra Euphemia Blake
  • "I only wish others were as staunch in their faith as he is" - Cartwright
  • "Strong of faith and true of purpose. Likable for a cog boy. Some would call him grumpy, he just reminds me of my drill sergeant, which is a complement in case you are wondering" - Surgeon Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "While crotchety for a tech priest and a somewhat cantankerous nature, he's still a good man to have in case of tech problems. Damn good with that axe as well." - Decius Crane
  • "Who doesn't like a grumpy old man that will let you get away with anything?" - Stacy
  • "I must admit I found his absence from this landing disquieting." - Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "Honestly he's the one I'm most afraid of, yet trust the most to be himself. His bluntness is refreshing "Anahita
  • "To see him back on a landing was reassuring. A person with a proper perspective on things that is worthy of trust" - Azrael Schwarzekappel

OOC Information

Player: James Watson

Inspirations: Karchev The Terrible

Soundtrack: [- Youtube Playlist]